CMRI Achieves Global First with Unprecedented Pediatric Neurovascular Surgery, Supported by Medical Literature

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Kolkata, 29th February 2024: In a historic achievement, The Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), Kolkata, led by Dr. Deep Das and his exceptional team, attained a groundbreaking milestone in pediatric neurointerventional. This breakthrough signifies a paradigm shift in pediatric neurointerventional care, potentially revolutionizing treatment options for children with complex neurological conditions. It reinforces, CMRI’s unwavering commitment to pioneering techniques and compassionate patient-centered care underscores its reputation as a global leader in medical innovation and excellence.

The team’s landmark accomplishment involves the innovative implantation of an intracranial flow diverter therapy to address an unruptured giant intracranial aneurysm in a 2-year-old child. The patient, presenting with afebrile childhood seizures, underwent the procedure for about 90 minutes of endovascularly under general anesthesia, highlighting the hospital’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive approaches.

Dr. Deep Das, Consultant, Department of Neurology, revealed, “Referred by Dr. GK Prusty, the child with convulsion s underwent a CT scan, revealing a giant aneurysm 10 times larger than what we usually see in the Left middle cerebral artery. After a comprehensive discussion with the family, we opted for a pioneering minimally invasive endovascular approach, collaborating with Pediatrician Dr. Ruchi Golash and Dr. Sailesh Kumar, the head of the anesthesiology department. Successfully addressing potential risks of temporary or permanent paralysis, speech disturbances and death, we implanted an endovascular flow diverter to regulate blood flow and prevent aneurysm entry of blood thereby encouraging its shrinkage over time.”

Dr. Das further stated, “This success story reflects the collaborative efforts of our medical team and advancements in the field, marking a milestone in pediatric neurovascular care.” For this indication the procedure is unprecedented not only in India but globally. The young patient, post-operatively shows no signs of deficits, affirming the success and precision of the treating team. This breakthrough advances treatment possibilities for neurovascular conditions in pediatric patients, showcasing the hospital’s dedication to healthcare innovation.

Mr. Sombrata Roy, Unit Head at CMRI, emphasized, “This groundbreaking achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to clinical excellence and innovation. Dr. Deep Das and the entire medical team have set a new standard in pediatric neurovascular care, reflecting our continuous pursuit of delivering world-class healthcare to our community.”

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Pioneering as the first Indian institute to conduct a Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) course, CMRI is accredited by the National Development Board, Government of India, for DNB courses. The institute also houses a nurses’ training school recognized by the West Bengal Nursing Council. CMRI’s doctors have successfully performed over 250,000 surgeries, attended to over 5 million outpatients, and accommodated 500,000 inpatients. Notably, the facility has catered to the medical needs of more than 10,000 international patients. CMRI ensures cutting-edge care with its ITUs, CCUs, and neuro-ITUs, all supported by a highly qualified team of specialists.

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