A Display Of Unity And Strength; From Management To Players; Tiigers Of Kolkata Share Sneak Peeks Of Their Preparations As They Roar Towards Their Opening Game

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Kolkata, March, 2024: After a successful auction, Aksha Kamboj’s ISPL team, Tiigers of Kolkata are ready to roar into the inaugural tournament as they aim for victory.

As they gear up for their opening game, the Tiigers of Kolkata gave fans a sneak peek into their preparations. From players introducing themselves to the team shouting their war cry ‘Shakkti kka Swag”, the team’s unity shines through. One video, in particular, stands out as it shows the team of Aspect Global alongside the management, coaching staff and the entire team of Tiigers of Kolkata in deep discussion as they plan their strategies for the upcoming season.

As Executive Chairperson of Aspect Global, Aksha Kamboj is no stranger to formulating top-tier strategies to achieve success. The owner of Kolkata’s ISPL team has previously stated how she aims to unite her team with passion and dedication to create a legacy of cricketing excellence, and this team meeting shows how she is true to her word.

In an exclusive quote, Aksha Kamboj spoke about the unity of her team and her anticipation for the opening game, saying “The auction process was intense and competitive, but we are extremely pleased with the outcome. The Tiigers of Kolkata you see today are a team that stands united. We have assembled a team of exceptional players who bring a diverse range of skills and experiences to the table. Our dedicated coaching staff, along with the support of our loyal fans, will be instrumental in driving our team towards success and I can’t wait to see this bear fruit on the pitch. With this versatile lineup and the unwavering enthusiasm and support from our fans, we are confident that our Tiigers will roar with power and passion in the upcoming matches. We can’t wait to see our stadium come alive with the energy of their cheers, so let the matches begin, and let the roar of the Tiigers echo throughout the cricketing world!”

Aksha’s compatriot and owner of Tiigers of Kolkata, Saif Ali Khan also had some pre-match motivation for his players, saying “I’m thrilled to be a part of the first season of ISPL. I bond with the Tiigers of Kolkata because of the association I have had with cricket. It comes from my father’s name and is an extension of my cricket roots. I have a deep connection with Calcutta because my mother is from there. We have full confidence in all of our players, they have been chosen after thorough and meticulous research and discussion, and we know their strengths and weaknesses and have created a good, balanced and strong team. To all our players, I would like to say – I want them to give their best. It is about having a great team who collaborates to lift each other up. I believe we have just that and we are very proud of the boys.”

A solid show of unity, the Tiigers of Kolkata team meeting shows how the passion and desire to win run through the entire team, right from the owners to the management and through the players. While Tigers in the wild hunt alone, these Tiigers aim to show that unity is the quickest way to success.

As the Tiigers of Kolkata prepare for the upcoming tournament, fans and aspiring cricketers alike will be looking forward to seeing how the team fairs in their opening game against the Chennai Singhams on the 7th of March, 2024.