ITC Ltd. launches Aashirvaad Svasti ‘Easy Digest Milk’, addresses nutritional needs of 35% of Kolkata households that are lactose intolerant

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The exclusively crafted offering, West Bengal’s first Lactose Free Milk in pouch, is aimed at providing solution for people facing milk indigestion issues

Kolkata, March 2, 2022: ITC Ltd. today announced the launch of Aashirvaad Svasti ‘Easy Digest Milk’ – West Bengal’s first lactose-free milk in a convenient pouch packet. The launch of this differentiated offering further strengthens the brand’s resolve to meet nutritional needs of Kolkata consumers.

Lactose is a natural carbohydrate found in milk. Human body produces Lactase enzyme to digest it. However, some people do not produce (or not enough) this enzyme, which leads to problems like stomach-ache, gas, bloating, nausea etc. after consuming a glass of milk. This condition is called Lactose Intolerance. This condition is found among people of all age groups.

ITC Ltd. in partnership with a leading market research organization, recently conducted a survey, Lactose Intolerance – Kolkata Incidence, to understand the challenges among people who suffer from indigestion caused due to milk consumption. The survey gauged the incidence of lactose intolerant population in the cityand presented an in-depth insight of the demographic profile of people reporting lactose intolerance. The findings of the survey revealed that 35% households in Kolkata suffer from lactose intolerance.

Taking the onus to provide a solution to this issue, the brand introduced this differentiated new offering. In Aashirvaad Svasti Easy Digest Milk, lactose is simplified into easier to digest carbohydrates, thus making it lactose free without compromising its nutrition and taste. To increase awareness about milk indigestion, the brand also launched a WhatsApp-based interactive chatbot for consumers to determine their Lactose Intolerance level and find solutions to this problem, by just sending ‘EDM’ to WhatsApp number 810-583-5222.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sanjay Singal, Chief Operating Officer – Dairy and Beverages, ITC Limited, said, “Milk is an essential source of everyday nutrition, especially for children. If the children are unable to digest milk, it leads to serious anxiety among parents who worry that lesser/reduced milk consumption may affect their children’s growth and may lead to nutritional deficiencies including calcium deficiency and vitamin deficiency. The idea of introducing this new and innovative Aashirvaad Svasti Easy Digest Milk stems from our endeavour to fulfil dairy needs for such parents as well as others who are looking for solutions to their milk indigestion issues.”

Aashirvaad Svasti Easy Digest Milk is being launched at a very affordable price point of Rs27 for 500ml pouch pack. As an introductory offer, the product will be available to consumers at Rs26 for 500ml for the next 45 days. Further, an introductory pack of 200ml priced at Rs12 is also available to consumers to encourage trial. The product will be available across 4000+ retail outlets in West Bengal.