ITC Fiama celebrates Soft & Happy Hands

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Launches Fiama Handwashes with Natural essential oils

Kolkata, 2022: In recent times, one of the most altered habits, is hand washing. With increased frequency of handwashing, one of the issues that consumers often face is that their hands often become rough and dry. Consequentially, hand wash as a category has gone beyond just hygiene. Keeping the ever-evolving needs of the consumers in mind, ITC Fiama has introduced Handwashes that not only meet the consumers’ hygiene needs but have been designed with natural essential oils that keep your hands feeling soft and happy.

Fiama, one of the leading personal care brands in the country offers a diverse range of bathing solutions which are  designed to make every bath a mood uplifting experience.  Fiama hand washes crafted with natural essential oils encourages a hand care routine that not only uplifts the mood but leaves hands soft and a happy feeling. Infused with the goodness of natural extracts and essential oils, Fiama Handwashes are designed to keep the hands soft & supple.The range – Happy, Fresh and Relax offer variants in an exquisite bottle shape with pop colors that are a refreshing change in the category. 

–          Enriched with Lavender and Ylang Ylang essentials oils, Relax, known for its relaxing properties and for improving overall well-being, while evoking emotions of calmness and peace.

–          Enriched with Grapefruit and Bergamot essential oils, Happy, which are known for being energy and mood boosters.

–          The third variant of the range contains Peppermint essentials oil, Fresh, that is known to boost energy levels and green apple extracts that helps nourish skin.

The handwash portfolio is being launched with a new television commercial with brand ambassador Sara Ali Khan.

The film is a conversational banter between two friends and the surprising discovery of very soft hands in a refreshing home garden setting. The film showcases Sara indulging in the joy of washing hands, thereby keeping her hands soft and happy.

Watch the film here:

Sara Ali Khan, Brand Ambassador, ITC Fiama comments on the new TVC, “Fiama has been a pioneer in the industry with their consistent churn of innovative products and the new Fiama Handwash is one my favourites in their portfolio. Fiama personifies everything fun, joyful and vibrant for me. The gentle act of washing my hands with Fiama hand wash keeps them soft and clean. Self-care takes me on a journey of being refreshed and relaxed, to take on a new day – it is always a mood uplifting journey with Fiama!”