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Kolkata, 29 May, 2022:    Zandu Pancharishta, a 100% Ayurvedic digestive health tonic from the house of Emami Limited, has rolled out a comprehensive awareness building and outreach programme to celebrate the World Digestive Health Day for the year 2022.
World Digestive Health Day is celebrated every year on 29th of May. Launched in 2004, World Digestive Health Day commemorates the Anniversary of the creation of the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) on May 29, 1958. Each year, the day marks the start of a twelve-month long campaign focusing on raising public and professional awareness of a particular digestive disease or disorder.
As per Ayurveda, poor digestion is the root cause of almost all diseases. Ayurveda emphasises that Aahar, Nidra, and Brahmacharya are the tripod of leading a long and healthy life.  To have the desired effect of good Aahar, one should have good digestion or Agni. Improper functioning of Agni leads to gastrointestinal, as well as, metabolic disorders such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels. Therefore, the main principle of treatment as per Ayurveda is to restore and strengthen the Agni in the body. Good digestion, therefore, is the key to not only remain healthy but also plays a vital role in protecting us from several diseases.
Zandu has been the trusted Ayurvedic health expert for millions of consumers for over a hundred years of Ayurvedic expertise, with institutionalised scientific knowledge and experience of developing products for a wide variety of healthcare needs of consumers.   Zandu Pancharishta launched more than 50 years ago, is committed to encourage and spread awareness among people to proactively take care of their digestive system and therefore overall health.
On World Digestive Health day, Zandu Pancharishta has kicked off educative programmes and campaigns reaching out to Doctors  & Consumers with Health Camps being organized across the country.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Gul Raj Bhatia, President, Health Care Division, Emami Limited said, “People generally overlook small niggling digestive issues of frequent gas, acidity, indigestion, find instant solutions and generally tend to ignore digestive health. However, in reality the digestive system is one of the most important systems in the body and accounts for 70% immunity build up. To educate people about the importance of Digestive Health for leading a healthy, happy and long life, Zandu Pancharishta has undertaken a pioneering
awareness and outreach programme in the medical fraternity and consumers to highlight the importance and significance of having strong digestive system.   A 100% Ayurvedic digestive tonic with no side effects whatsoever, Zandu Pancharishta when taken regularly as per the prescribed dosage, works on all the 7 Digestive Centres in our body system to strengthen the digestive system from  the roots and provide long-term relief from various gastric disorders such as indigestion, gas, acidity, heaviness, constipation, etc.”
Zandu Pancharishta also offers free doctor consultation through a toll-free number – 1800 572 8000 where a panel of experienced Ayurvedic doctors are available for consultation every day from 9am – 6.30pm.