Syska launches unique Clear Sight LED Flicker-free panel light

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An innovative LED light with health benefits to ease working from home

Syska Group, the name that has been at the forefront of LED lighting technology today announced the launch of the highly-innovative Syska Clear Sight LED Flicker-free panel light. With organisations adopting a work from home policy, the usage of digital screens has significantly increased causing a strain to the eyes and overall health. Syska’s Clear Sight LED light features Flicker-free technology, which filters out the flickers from the LED. Syska as a company has been constantly launching an extensive range of unique lighting products under its LED lighting category.

Exposure to an intense LEDlight can decline the sharpness of vision and cause a negative effect on overall health. The flicker free technology is safe and more reliable to use for the overall care of the eyes as it dimi -nishes the risks of eye strain and fatigue and many such health compli -cations. Syska LED Flicker-free panel light are available in 5W, 8W, 10W, 12W, 15W, 18W, and 20W and comes in two shapes, round and square. The product can be purchased from the leading retail stores and is priced from INR 450/- to INR 1,150/- depending upon the wattage. It has a manufacturer warranty of two years . Brand will soon also introduce flicker free bulbs, tubes, downlights etc. as a part of this specific series.

Commenting on the launch of Syska LED Flicker-free panel light, Mr. Rajesh Uttam chandani, Director, Syska Group said, “Syska is committed in bringing new and innovative products in the LED segment by classifying the evolving shift of consumer patterns. We at Syska are focused on manufacturing products that usher in convenience to our customer’s lives and help them focus on their physical and mental wellbeing. Syska’s Clear Sight Flicker-Free LED light has been designed to present consumers the benefit of working remotely without having to cause much strain to the eyes. As Syska is in line with the govern ment’s initiative of being vocal for local, this product has been manufactured in India.”

Key features of the Syska Clear Sight LED Flicker-free panel light:

·         No mental fatigue: Mental fatigue makes it challenging to concentrate on routine activities thereby building loss of interest. This LED light combats the adverse effects of mental fatigue to help focus better.

·         Reduces headaches: Long working hours facing the laptop causes digital eye strain which leads to blurry eyes and headaches. The Syska LED Flicker-free panel light can protect one from the misery of headaches.

·        No eye strain: Eyes often get exhausted from the intense glaring at screens causing eye strain. The Syska LED Flicker-free panel light is the ideal remedy to help the eyes from causing pressure.

·        No optical effects: Sore, tired, itchy and red eyes and headaches are all optical ill effects. The soft and flicker-free lighting provided by Syska LED Flicker-free panel light can overcome these optical effects.

About Syska – Starting with Guru Nanak Marketing, a company that was involved in the distribution of T-series Audio cassettes, CDs and audio video systems for Maharashtra, the SYSKA Group had only one thing to do: grow. As the SYSKA Group continues to grow and become a domestic leader, their eyes are set to the world as their presence grows in countries across the globe. Empowered by a strong vision and drive, the SYSKA Group grew and diver- sified into more segments such as LED, Personal Care Appliances, Mobile access -ories, Home Appliances and only continues to grow and dominate these markets.