Entrepreneurs of Kolkata (EOK) come together to combat the second covid wave in the city

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Aims to set up 500 + Hospital Beds supported by Rotary Club of Calcutta Visionaries Dist 3291 and Kolkata Gives

· EOK has joined hands with Techno Indo-DAMA Hospital to immediately set up a 25 ICU Beds in partnership with Rotary Club of Calcutta Visionaries, Dist 3291 and another 75 Hospital Beds with the above hospital in partnership with Kolkata Gives

·EOK has also partnered Charnock Hospitals to add 200 more Hospital beds (includes over 50 ICU Beds) at the HUJ House in partnership with Kolkata Gives

·EOK is also importing over 50 Bipap Ventilators from Singapore with help from Temasek Singapore through the Maharashtra Chambers of Commerce

Kolkata: The city of joy, Kolkata’s leading entrepreneurs come together for a “RAPID ACTION FORCE” – Entrepreneurs of Kolkata (EOK) is a group of Business individuals & start-ups from Kolkata lead by a core group which includes entrepreneurs like Sagar Daryani, founder, Wow! Momo, Pulak Chamaria, owner Infinity Group, Aditya Ladsaria, founder Chai Break and Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds to name a few. EOK is aimed at combating covid’s second wave in a much more organised and swift manner.

EOK is run by a group of business individuals & start-ups from the City of Joy who are bringing in agility, quick thinking, crowd funding and nimble footedness to the fight. The initiative is called “Breathe Again” – in which they are partnering with leading Govt and Private Hospitals/Organisation and creating an additional force against the second wave of Covid 19.

EOK’s Breathe Again aims at facilitating Covid care facilities – Setting up 500 + HDU / Isolation beds in partership with Private / Govt Hospitals. Oxygen Supply & Procurement of Oxygen ConcentratorsMedical Infra support such as procurement of Ventilators, Bipap Machines & medical devices.

EOK is raising funds from amongst their own network & connects with the ultimate goal to set up more Hospital beds in partnership with leading Government & Private Hospitals within the city. The organisation is also using its connects to arrange for ventilators & oxygen cylinders for hospitals.

A few of the city’s top entrepreneurs leading the organisation have formed a core group of over 10 individuals and have more than other 100 entrepreneurs directly backing them along with over a 1000 entrepreneurs also doing their bit to contribute with the vision to set up 500 plus hospital beds including 200 + ICU beds in Kolkata as the situations gets more critical & grimmer with every day. The dynamic team is also fast-tracking the import of 50 Bipap Ventilators from Singapore through the support of Maharashtra Chambers of Commerce & Temasek Singapore.

Sagar Daryani said “The initiative rekindles the spirit of entrepreneurship in the city; for entrepreneurs are those who believe in bringing a change. Our aim is to equip the government and hospitals with secondary forces. This initiative provides the business and start-up ecosystem of Kolkata to give back to the city in this hour of need. We request more people from Kolkata to come forward and contribute in making this initiative a larger and more impactful success. Even a Rs. 100 each contributed by residents of Kolkata will go a long way in making this crown funding more impactful”.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds, added, “While this virus has kept us on our toes and is challenging our very existence, we will fight back and overcome this. Masking up, maintaining COVID appropriate behaviour, early testing and vaccination are the key to combatting this disease. EOK and all those associated with this initiative are dedicated towards helping India and our fellow countrymen at this hour of need. We want to use our connections and strengths in the best way possible to flatten the curve. We urge everyone to contribute as much as they can to support our efforts in serving our country. Together, while staying apart, we will win this war.”

Entrepreneurs of Kolkata; kick-started its first 2 initiatives with Charnock Hospital & Techno Indo-DAMA Hospital 4 days back and by end of the 1st week of May; intends to close and sign-up for many such camps. They are in talks to partner with various other Private & Charitable hospitals with the aim of enhancing the number of hospital beds and medical infrastructure within the city.

“When the medical infrastructure was collapsing right in front of our eyes, city entrepreneurs and community leaders got together and took charge of the situation like never before. It’s been quite surreal to be part of this journey in the last few days and I’m glad that collectively the decision was taken to ramp up ICU bed capacity at multiple hospitals including Techno DAMA Covid ward, which we had set up from scratch over the last week. National and international support has been pouring in for the ‘Breathe Again’ fundraiser and hopefully with all the collective resources, we will be able to stand in support of the doctors and frontline workers effectively in the weeks to come.”

– Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, Director of Global Operations at Techno India Group and Member, Entrepreneurs of Kolkata.

“Its not about doing different things; its about doing it differently. This is the sole motto that drives EOK” says, Manish Agarwal, Founder Orion Edutech and an integral part of the core group. Orion Edutech is into skill development and Mr. Manish and his team have been working tirelessly in providing trained nurses and other required medical assistance personals to various hospitals in the state and the country at large.   

EOK requests the people of Kolkata to come forward and join hands with us in their quest to raise funds & resources for increasing critical care Hospital Beds, arranging oxygen and ventilators. Pledge today and make someone breathe again.

For any information, pls contact Mr. Aditya Ladsaria – +91 9831666636 or email – [email protected][email protected]

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