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Story:Anindita Sarkhel

This second wave of Covid had hardly spared anyone. Each and every person is battling Covid as a fighter. I just want to share a story of one such chief fighter I had a talk with. Mr Pradyut Samui is a 44years old young gentlemen. He resides in Belgharia, a place in north Kolkata. He works in the sales department in a publication unit named as Goyal Brothers Prakashan. Before he was diagnosed with Covid, he only has symptoms which were similar to common flu and had some problem of asthma as well. It was on 17th April that one of his staffs were diagnosed with Covid. He with his colleagues decided to have the Covid test done because almost everyone showed some minor symptoms. He was diagnosed with Covid on 19th April.

Like everyone now a days, Mr Pradyut also consulted doctor online and started with his medications isolating himself in his house. Keeping a person in isolation maybe can recover his physical health but away from his family members isolating oneself in a room can put anyone is depression. Small gestures, maybe hugging, patting, sitting beside and talking encourages people to recover fast. But this situation doesn’t even allow people to do so. Mr Pradyut kept battling but his condition started deteriorating. He was in his house for about 6 days. No hospitals were accepting patients not even during emergency. Somehow, he managed to get a bed in Zenith Superspecialist Hospital, Kolkata. He was admitted in the hospital on 25th April. After getting admitted, his treatment began. His lungs were drastically infected. His oxygen level fell below 90. He was given oxygen for about 2 days continuously until his oxygen was levelled up. He was given high steroid dosages and were also high on antibiotics. He started recovering. With the help of doctors and health care workers, he started getting better. He was there in the hospital for about 8 days. Then he was discharged. He has recovered but still there is some weakness he feels sometimes.

Talking to Mr Pradyut made me realise how important it is to have a strong mindset and will power. He had the mentality to conquer this battle and not running away from it. He had a hope awake within him that he has to win and get back to his family. There are rumours that asthma patients or people with respiratory problems are not able to fight this. But that’s not true. We have a strong example that even after having asthma, Mr Pradyut won the battle and came out as a hero. The only thing that helped him is will power. If you have a strong will power nothing is impossible. He also added that its important to follow the Covid protocols like wearing masks and sanitizing regularly. He advised not to take steroids without getting proper consultation from the doctors because steroids have many side effects. Its always advisable that if any symptoms are shown, consult a doctor at the earliest.

Stay Safe!