Empowering Fashion Education Takes Centre Stage

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Inauguration of Glamour Institute of Fashion in Kolkata with a Distinct Focus on Women-Led Faculty and Employment

Kolkata, November 2023–A significant milestone in the world of fashion education unfolds with the inauguration of the Glamour institute of Fashion, a pioneering institution committed to not only shaping creative minds but also fostering employment opportunities and empowerment. The inauguration ceremony, held at the institute today, marked the beginning of a transformative journey towards inclusivity and excellence.

The inauguration event featured Honourable Minister of IT and Electronics Government of West Bengal, Shri Babul Supriyo along with notable personalities from the Bengali film and fashion industry – eminent Filmmaker Shri Arindam Sil, film actor & fashionista Sauraseni Maitra and noted nationally acclaimed fashion designer Shri Abhisek Roy. Also present to cheer the team was veteran celebrity makeup artist Aniruddha Chakladar. Attendees were given a glimpse of the institute’s commitment to excellence through a tour of the newly designed building.

“Glamour has been doing a fabulous job in the last ten years in promoting fashion in this state. Bringing in cutting edge tools and training the youth with the necessary skillsets. Fashion across the world is exploding and changing rapidly, and it is important that students are able to get formal training to adapt to these changes. I hope this institute helps in creating great designer minds that create great fashion”, adds Babul Supriyo, Honourable Minister of IT and Electronics, Government of West Bengal.

Celebrated filmmaker Arindam Sil added: “A lot of my films have an association with the fashion brand, Glamour, including my last film, ‘Jongole Mitin Mashi’. This institute is seriously dedicated to vocational training among the youth. Gone are the days where we were told to pursue traditional fields, fashion is here to stay and it’s great that Glamour is helping those serious about pursuing this profession to be updated with the changing times. As a filmmaker, we are always in the hunt for skilled fashion professionals who can bring life to our scripts, I hope we see many more coming out of Glamour Institute of Fashion”

“Glamour and I go a long way back, right from my modelling days and I’m happy to be a part of their new initiative which gives back to the society and more importantly focuses on empowering women with the skill to excel in this industry”, says Sauraseni Maitra.

At the helm of the institute is a dynamic and accomplished faculty, predominantly led by women who are stalwarts in the fashion industry. This intentional emphasis on gender diversity aims to inspire and empower the next generation of fashion leaders, breaking barriers and contributing to a more inclusive industry landscape.

Ms. Reema Mondal, Founder, Glamour Institute of Fashion, expressed her vision by stating, “As our organisation Glamour Designer Boutique completes 10 years, we are now foraying into the education of fashion designing. The fashion industry of our country is witnessing an exponential growth and for that we need trained youngsters who are ready to be a part of this growth journey.

‘Glamour Institute of Fashion’ or ‘GIF’ aims to offer several crash courses, one year and two years courses for the boys and girls. For the first time we are also introducing a ‘stylisation course’ which is of great need now.GIF is an all women centre. GIF also aims at women empowerment through education. Internship opportunities have also been created as talks with several leading players of the industry have also been finalised.”

As GIF opens its doors, it invites aspiring fashion enthusiasts to join a community where education goes beyond the classroom, empowering individuals to become trailblazers in the industry.

About Glamour Institute of Fashion:
After completing a decade in the fashion industry as a designer boutique, GLAMOUR has launched GLAMOUR SCHOOL OF FASHION, a premium fashion designing institute to educate and prepare future designers and entrepreneurs. Situated in Kolkata, we tend to focus on the overall growth of a student from the basic, traditional to ever-changing demands of this industry to sustain in the long run. We offer crash courses and diploma courses of one and two years. It includes practical training and skill development to build a successful career.