Inauguration of the App ‘Turning Point’

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A powerhouse of positive energy

27th April at Ramakrishna Institute of Culture, Gol Park, Kolkata.

InnerWorlds is an organization formed to disseminate the invaluable lessons of ancient Indian wisdom in the practical or day-to-day life of the present time to make it more sensitive, value-based, and responsive.

The current endeavor of InnerWorlds is aimed at the younger generations through an App, a trendy medium, to make them courageous, resilient, and positive.

Turning Point, a unique App is designed to infuse preteen and teenage students from an early stage with the values of the Indian ethos. The insights in this App, gleaned from mystic wisdom, will equip the younger generations to face life with greater understanding, discretion, and resolve as much as it will help the parents focus on the largely neglected but extremely crucial emotional needs of their children.

The modality followed in this App is simple and yet profound. Life is perceived to be the greatest teacher. Turning Point shows how to live consciously and encourages the younger generations to be vigilant and open-minded and to learn and enrich constantly from life experiences. In the process, they imbibe naturally and express spontaneously certain fundamental values and qualities that even a plethora of good advice, training, or discipline is often unable to instill in them.

The importance of value-based education in the life of the younger generation cannot be overemphasized. Ancient Indian wisdom offers knowledge and insight that can give them a strong foundation and the right orientation in life. As a result, they can develop and inculcate the necessary aptitude and acumen not to be swayed by the wrong influences and provocations so rampant in the present time.

Turning Point was inaugurated in an impressive event on the evening of 27th April in the auditorium of Ramakrishna Institute of Culture, Gol Park, Kolkata.

This event was attended by a large gathering of school Principals, teachers, guardians, and all the custodians of children’s education who are concerned about the drift in teenage students towards unhealthy and undesirable indulgences and habits as much as the erosion of traditional values in the present time.

The dignitaries who graced the occasion and offered their valuable opinions were: Swami Suparnanda Maharaj, Secretary, Ramakrishna Institute of Culture, Hon’ble Justice Shri Samaresh Banerjea, Former Judge, Kolkata High Court, Shri Goutam Ghose, Eminent Film Personality, Prof.(Dr.) Gautam Ghosal, Former Professor, Visva-Bharati University, Prof. (Dr.) Joy Sen, Professor IIT, Kharagpur, Shri Biswajit Ganguly IAS (Retd.), Dr. Mithu Pal, Educationist.

There were two interesting audio-visual presentations. The first one highlighted the problems of preteens and teenage students including the deficiencies in parenting. The second one, a short selection from the App, offered a glimpse of what the App claims could be a turning point in the life of children.