Sunfeast recreates extraordinary dessert experiences with Dark Fantasy Desserts

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Introduces eye-catching festive gift boxes for Diwali, exclusively on Amazon

Kolkata: Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, the premium center-filled cookie brand from ITC Ltd, has introduced an uber-premium experience exclusively on Amazon – Dark Fantasy Desserts Indulgence Collection. With the introduction of this offering, consumers can experience a mélange of luxury and choco indulgence. Packed in an attractive gift pack, this product adds a touch of elegance to consumers’ gifting needs this festive season.

Reimagining the dessert experience, Sunfeast launched Dark Fantasy Desserts, a multi-sensorial ensemble of cookies crafted with luscious choco crème fillings. To appeal to consumers’ sweet tooth, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has launched two variants of its Dessert range:

1.      Choco Chunks – Gourmet cookies with choco chips on the crust and a luscious velvety choco crème filling, oozing pure indulgence in every bite.

2.      Choco Nut Dipped – A delectable choco and hazelnut filled treat. The cookie has a crust dotted with cashews and almonds, and a rich molten choco crème filling – making every bite pure pleasure.

Both Choco Chunks and Choco Nut Dipped Desserts packs are attractively packaged in a resplendent festive box is available to gift to family and friends. This Dark Fantasy Desserts box is priced at Rs. 250 for 350g, and will be exclusively available on

Speaking on the launch of these indulgences, Mr. Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits & Cakes Cluster, Foods Division, ITC Limited, said, “Dark Fantasy Desserts is a passionate recreation of choco cookie in its most indulgent form. Every product has a multi-sensorial taste received from carefully selected ingredients that are thoughtfully combined. We look forward to introduce our consumers to a delectable choco cookie experience.”

The launch of the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts will be accompanied by a digital communication campaign intended to bring the brand’s latest innovation to every Indian’s doorstep. The newest dessert in town will be available exclusively on Amazon, followed by ITC e-store, modern trade outlets, and grocery outlets over the next few months.