Doctor at Medica Hospital performs Kolkata’s first day care uterus removal procedure through Robotic-Assisted Surgery platform Da Vinci

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The patient got discharged on the same day of the surgery and she did not require any blood transfusion, antibiotics, or major pain killers

Kolkata: Medica hospital, a leading multispecialty hospital in Kolkata, performed Kolkata’s first day-care robotic uterus removal surgery, where the patient could get discharged on the same day of the surgery. The surgery called ‘hysterectomy’ was done with the help of one of the most advanced robotic-assisted surgery systems, da Vinci X made by US based Intuitive. The patient was admitted in the hospital at 7 am on the day of surgery and was discharged on the same day evening around 8 pm. This unique robotic-assisted surgery on 50-year-old lady from Midnapore was led by senior gynae-oncologist, Dr. Arunava Roy. This procedure was carried out at the newly inaugurated oncology department
Commenting on the first day-care Robotic hysterectomy, Dr. Arunava Roy, Advanced Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgeon and Senior Consultant Gynaecologic Oncology, said, “As per WHO statistics, every 1 out of 6 human beings will have cancer in their life. Women between 45-60 years tend to be most vulnerable to cancer, but timely screening, detection, advanced cancer care and essential treatment can help them lead a healthy life. In this day-care hysterectomy, the patient did not require any blood transfusion, antibiotics, or major pain killers. She was discharged on the same day with minimal medications and almost no pain. This is indeed a landmark in cancer care in eastern India and will inspire patients to not delay and come forward to avail the best treatment available.”
Mrs. Samanta, the 50-years-old homemaker, had been suffering from heavy and prolong menstrual bleeding. Medical diagnosis revealed that it is a precancerous condition that can progress to uterine cancer, if left untreated. The patient and her family opted for a Robotic hysterectomy after understanding the benefits of robotic assisted surgery. She was discharged on the same day of the surgery, and within a week, she was completely fit and returned to her normal life. The extra cost incurred due to consumables specific to robotic surgery was balanced out by minimal hospital stay, medications and no blood transfusion while ensuring the best quality of life after surgery.
Commenting on her fast recovery, Mrs. Samanta said, “I am really thankful to Dr. Arunava Roy and the entire team at Medica hospital. Without them and the latest surgical technology available at the hospital, I wouldn’t have been recovered so fast. There was very little pain after the surgery, and I was completely fit to do day to day activities within less than a week of my surgery.”
Dr. Abhay Kumar, Head, Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery, stated, “India’s cancer burden has significantly increased over the years. Globally, cancer cases increased 21% and deaths 26% from 2010-2019. COVID-19 has further widened the screening gap. Nearly 14 Lakh people had cancer in India in 2020. Early detection and diagnosis are the only way to prevent deaths. Medica has the world class facility in cancer care and the incorporation of the 4th Generation Da Vinci surgical robot will be a boon for cancer treatment at Medica. This daycare treatment is a step towards the best from Medica Cancer Institute which will bore fruition in days to come.”