George Telegraph Inaugurates Its First Image Management Institute In Eastern India

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George Institute of Image Management (GIIM) is inaugurating its one-of-a-kind ‘First Finishing School of Kolkata’ in the presence of eminent personalities like Rita Bhimani, Pinky Kenworthy, Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, Subrata Dutta, Indranil Dey, Indroneel Mukherjee, Adolina Ganguly, Karan Singh Nagra, Ritusmita Biswas, Ananya Bhowmik Mitra, Dr. Deboshri Banik, Dr. Kuntal Deb Barma, Yash Agarwal, Vanyaa Surana, Moumita Guha, Nicola Gomes, Naina More, Narayani, Srishti Nadhani, Lopamudra Mandal and other prestigious dignitaries.

This project is a group initiative of George Telegraph Group –a pioneer in Education in Eastern India, imparting training and certified courses across several regions for more than 100 years.

GIIM, with the help of this initiative is aiming to educate and create awareness regarding the significance of creating an “Image” through a comprehensive and holistic transformation of the image of its participants for their betterment and subsequent improvement in their lives. The image management fraternity is fragmented and thus there is a significant opportunity to influence the society at large with a professional approach. Therefore, GIIM plans to cater to end-to-end “Image Transformation” needs of all sections of society, within Kolkata and its hinterland.

GIIM’s courses are designed to cater to students, working professionals, beauty contest aspirants, homemakers, media professionals, aspiring models and actors, entrepreneurs and leaders. GIIM is also partnering with corporate houses and businesses for image transformation of its employees. GIIM plans to make the concept universal and impart an overall image enhancement concept not only to young women, but to men, coming from all walks of life.

GIIM’s Master Coaches and Image Coaches are stalwarts in their areas of expertise; students will have a chance to be taught nuances of Etiquettes and Public Relations by Rita Bhimani and Public Speaking by Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee. They will have a chance to learn from Pinky Kenworthy and Indroneel Mukherjee, and other experts in Kolkata. They will also get an opportunity to learn from the best trainers and leaders in the corporate sphere.

The two Directors of GIIM are very excited and buoyant about the prospects and future of Image Management over the next decades. Speaking on the occasion, Indranil Dey, Director at GIIM and also Managing Director of renowned Metal Furniture brand named IRONY, said, “Everyone has the right to look good. But Image Management is not about looking good only, rather how a person feels from within which manifests in his/her outward appearance and behavior. And to feel that confidence, a 3600 orientation is required which is where GIIM comes in with its professional guidance delivered by the best in Kolkata.”

Adolina Ganguly, GIIM’s Director, and a fashionista who has been helping the youth, working professionals and aspiring beauty pageant contestants in achieving their image goals for years, said, “Image is an intangible asset. Managing one’s image, externally or internally, is an integral part of success, especially in today’s world, where image has a larger emphasis, whether in person or in social media. And I can say that with conviction after having seen the best of both corporate and fashion worlds in parallel. I want to pass on my learning and have our students taught by the best Image Coaches the city can offer, all under one roof”.

GIIM will have its first learning center at Park Street, the heart and business hub of Kolkata, and well connected through various transportation networks to its suburbs. GIIM has plans of reaching out to a varied audience very soon through different centers of George Telegraph especially in Kolkata’s hinterland areas where there is a significant potential and demand for Image Transformation.