ITC Ltd.’s Sunrise Spices launches “Sunrise Durgatinashini” a musical ode featuring actor Mumtaz Sorcar; further announces a self-defense program empowering women in West Bengal

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The music video has been launched to announce a special self-defense program that will be held during Durga Puja at 66 Pally to empower women

Kolkata, September 2022: Sunrise Spices, the market leader in the branded spices category in West Bengal recently launched “Sunrise Durgatinashini” a specially curated music video ahead of West Bengal’s most anticipated festival ‘Durga Puja’. Last year, the brand created history by introducing 4 women priestesses to conduct Durga Puja at 66 Pally in Kolkata. Keeping in line with the brand’s endeavour to support women empowerment, Sunrise Durgatinashini is a bold initiative to create awareness among women by enlivening their physical and mental strengths through self-defense practices.

Sunrise Masala is a household staple in the region aiding the homemaker’s culinary endeavours for generations. Durga Puja is the celebration of the divine feminine strength which will be enlivened through the musical video which is entwined with self-defense moves. Sung by famed Bengali singer Lopamudra Mitra, the music video features renowned actor Mumtaz Sorcar. The video has been choreographed by professionals and guided by self-defense expert Gaurav Goswami. The music video will be launched digitally on ITC Sunrise’s YouTube Channel. Additionally, keeping in mind this concept of Durgatinashini, a gang of four fearless women bikers are set to promote the same across the city of Kolkata.

The video encourages women to enroll for a self-defense session that will be held at 66 Pally during Durga Puja this year. This training program will have a mix of theoretical and practical components. During the workshop, the self-defense experts would demonstrate the techniques to the audience and lend them a real time feel of the unique strategies by asking them to showcase it on stage. Through this training, the brand aspires to teach women to fight back and escape in any case of an emergency.

Speaking about this initiative, Piyush Mishra (Business Head, ITC Sunrise) said, “Sunrise Masala has a deep rooted connect with women in West Bengal for generations and we are elated to see them progress. Over the years, we have strengthened our women empowerment initiatives and this year we have decided to enliven their physical and mental strength through the self defense training module. Sunrise Durgatinashini is our first step in creating an awareness about the program which is inspired by the true essence of goddess Durga and her victory over Mahishasura. Through the music video, brand Sunrise emphasizes on the need to empower women in self-defense, just like Maa Durga. Sunrise is deeply committed to bring differentiated offerings to the consumers and engage with them through unique and impactful communication. Our latest creative rendition on women empowerment during the Durga Puja, which blends self-defense training with dance forms, is yet another effort in this direction.”

The one-day self-defense classes will be conducted in Kolkata followed by Siliguri and Durgapur.

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