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Raajkutir, IHCL SeleQtions, the heritage-inspired hotel presents intimately crafted experiences of quotidian rituals and activities that brings alive the erstwhile Rajbaari legacy. The immersive rituals and cultural folk performances of the Great Bengal Renaissance aims to take guests back to a typical welcome setting of the nineteenth century and offer them to relive the souvenirs of a forgotten time, showcasing the aura of the opulent mansion and grounds that will draw them into the grandeur and simpler glories of times past. The cultural folk performances such as Chhau , Baul Music and Raibenshe are carried out with an aim to offer complete indulgence into the royal glories and cultures that are an eminent part of West Bengal since time immemorial.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Ankur Gairola, Hotel Manager, Raajkutir IHCL SeleQtions said, “We are delighted to showcase rituals and activities of the Great Bengal Renaissance with cultural folk performances to our esteemed guests. IHCL has always been in the forefront in reviving the rich culture and history of India.”

Starting with “Chhau”, a traditional dance from Purulia, a district of West Bengal, emerged from traditional martial arts, involving colourful masks, rhythmic drum beats, and powerful acrobatic movements. Chhau dance originated in the Kalinga (Odisha) region of India and is a semi-classical Indian dance with martial and folk traditions. Back in the days, this art form was performed with an aim to bind together people from different social strata and ethnic background with diverse social practices, beliefs, professions and languages and celebrate diversity.

The next art form performed at Raajkutir, IHCL SeleQtions is the Baul Music. Deep rooted in the legacy of West Bengal, the Baul singers- distinctly identifiable with their long saffron robes and matching turbans, are singers who renounce their families and roam from one place to another to spread the message of peace and the oneness of soul with the divine. The soulful melodies are performed using the bamboo flute and ektara.

Soon after the stimulating Baul Music commences, the best of the royals – The Raibenshe is performed – A folk dance form of West Bengal that is remarkable for its +91varied expressions of military energy and depiction of martial arts. The origination of the meaning hold profound meaning as Rai means royal, kingly and bansh means bamboo. These dances serve as a reminder of the military prowess of the Bengalis. The unique thing about this dance is that no songs are sung or verses recited during this martial dance. Instead, this dance is accompanied with wild yells of men, and punctuated with gestures that suggest drawing of bows from the quiver, throwing of spears, brandishing of knives and flourishing of swords, scimitar.
Any one of the dance forms such as Chhau, Baul Music and Raibenshe are performed alternative weekly. Guests interested to experience the evening ritual, can get it touch with Sanjay @ +91-7003271805.