Bingo! TedheMedhe brings alive the spirit of Pujo and cricket together at Jodhpur Park….

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Kolkata, October 2023: Bingo! a snacking brand from ITC Ltd., has always been synonymous with entertainment and innovation. This Durga Pujo, Bingo! TedheMedhe is set to redefine the festival experience by fusing the excitement of the ongoing cricket festivities with the divine fervour of Maa Durga’s blessings.

Embracing the ongoing cricket fever and Durga Pujo spirit-In a groundbreaking fusion of culture and cricket, Bingo! TedheMedhe has designed a unique pandal at Jodhpur Park, Kolkata, where a magnificent 12-foot structure of Maa Durga stands alongside a spectacular display of cricketing brilliance – this showcase has been crafted from Bingo! TedheMedhe Sticks. The pandal encapsulates the theme of Durga Ma blessing Team India for a triumphant ongoing cricket series.

Artistry Meets Tradition-Inside the pandal, the essence of Kolkata’s iconic structures and rich culture comes to life in a mesmerising 2D art display. At its heart, a beautiful idol of Maa Durga adds a touch of divinity to the artistic tapestry. Kolkata, known for the historic Eden Gardens stadium, pays homage to its cricketing legacy within the pandal. Here, cricket enthusiasts can experience iconic cricketing situations.

This time, the fusion of the ongoing cricketing series and Durga Pujo days takes on an exciting 3D twist, as life-sized models of cricketing moments are displayed – crafted from Bingo! TedheMedhe Sticks. A significant aspect of this awe-inspiring setup is the incorporation of actual Bingo! TedheMedhe Sticks, seamlessly integrating the brand into the celebration.

Bingo! offers a platform that allows devotees and cricket fans to unite in celebrating the grand occasion of Durga Pujo. The unique pandal, adorned with diverse forms of art, brings the spirit of Cricket and the divine blessings of Maa Durga together in a splendid fusion.