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· 8th Oxygen Express train of ER to run from Durgapur to Varanasi

Kolkata: Railways took the movement of Oxygen Express as a challenge to combat the prevailing crisis and transporting Liquid Medical Oxygen successfully to different corners of the country to fight the second wave of COVID-19. IR is working 24×7 for swift transport of medical oxygen.

 Eastern Railway ran its 8th Oxygen Express train with Liquid Oxygen Containers originating from CTDI Siding, Durgapur on Saturday night (8.5.2021) to Varanasi.

The train is carrying a total of 40 Tons of Liquid Medical Oxygen in 2 Oxygen Containers. Each of the two containers has the capacity of loading approximately 20  Metric Ton  of  liquid Oxygen.

The Oxygen Express train will run through a Green Corridor with a maximum Speed of 75 KMPH to reach Varanasi at the fastest possible time.

The green corridor is created for the faster movement of these tankers and monitoring of movement is being done at the apex level to provide best service to our Nation at this hour of Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Railways being the National carrier & Lifeline of India, transported essential commodities and kept the supply chain intact even during the lockdown last year and continue to serve the Nation in times of emergencies.