BM Birla Heart Hospital hosts Eastern India’s First Ever Workshop on 3D Mapping

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BM Birla Heart Hospital, Kolkata, on 26th June 2024, hosted a knowledge sharing workshop on Complex 3D Cardiac Arrythmia where renowned cardiologists of national and international fame conducted the first Live 3D Hands-on Workshop in Eastern India on understanding the mechanism and treatment of patients suffering from difficult and challenging arrhythmias with special emphasis on 3D Mapping Techniques.

The workshop was curated by Dr Rakesh Sarkar, Senior Consultant – Cardiology & Electrophysiology, BM Birla Heart Hospital, and was graced by the distinguished presence of Dr Ajita Kanthan, one of the finest Electrophysiologists from Blacktown Hospital, Sydney. The workshop was also graced by the presence of Mr Supratik De Sarkar, Unit Head, BM Birla Heart Hospital, who extended full support to the whole team.

Speaking about the workshop, Dr Rakesh Sarkar said, “Today, we conducted a LIVE 3D hands-on workshop on some of the most challenging arrythmia cases. It was an exciting session and a lot of knowledge was exchanged during the workshop. We got to learn a lot from the doctors, who are of national and international fame, and who shared their expertise and knowledge on 3D Mapping during the workshop.”