Medflag Healthcare Introduces Quantum Magnetic Resonance Therapy (QMRT®) Device – Cytotron, For The First Time In Eastern India

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– The Device Controls The Spread Of Cancer & Manages Osteoarthritis –

Kolkata, 21st September, 2021: Medflag Healthcare Pvt Ltd started its journey today with the introduction of the high-end technology of Quantum Magnetic Resonance Therapy (QMRT®), for the first time in Eastern India for providing non invasive and painless therapeutic solutions for Cancer and Osteoarthritis. The QMRT® device – Cytotron, is a state-of-the-art therapeutic device (Class IIa) invented by eminent Indian Scientist, Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar and is developed by Organization De SCALENE. It is the latest modality for managing osteoarthritis and containing the spread of cancer in the human body, with no adverse side effects.  

Medflag Healthcare was inaugurated & the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Therapy (QMRT®) device – Cytotron was unveiled by Janab Firhad Hakim, Hon’ble Minister, Transport & Housing, Government of West Bengal & Hon’ble Chairman, Board Of Administrator, Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Smt Chandrima Bhattacharya, Hon’ble, Minister Of State, Urban Development & Municipal AffairsHealth & Family WelfareLand & Land Reforms, Refugee & Rehabilitation, Government of West Bengal in the presence of Smt Mala Roy, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, Sri Debashis Kumar, Hon’ble, MLA & Member, Board Of Administrator, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Sri Narayan Swaroop Nigam, IAS, Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal, Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, Eminent Scientist & Inventor of Quantum Magnetic Resonance Therapy (QMRT®) Device, Sri Debkumar Bose, National Award Winning Film Director, Smt Manisha Bose,Director, Medflag Healthcare, Smt Sunita Niyogi,Director, Medflag Healthcare & Mr Debashis Bose, Chief Executive Officer, Medflag Healthcare.

“After seeing my mother succumb to cancer, without being able to avail the QMRT® treatment because of our inability to travel to Bengaluru due to the lockdown, it was a conscious decision on our part to give an honest effort in reducing the suffering of patients. Cytotron will enable the residents of Eastern India to seek treatment in within limited geographical parameters and relieve the patients from suffering from the adverse side effects of treatments. We have plans to install an additional Cytotron device in another year’s time”, said Mr Debashis Bose, Chief Executive Officer, Medflag Healthcare.

“With around 15 million cases of chronic debilitating diseases being diagnosed each year, the available treatments for the same are either invasive or have some adverse side effects in nature. QMRT® utilizes highly complex electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency spectrum controlled by a Central Processing System and guided by MRI PDS data. The device delivers precisely computed doses of RF waves in the presence of instantaneous Rotational Magnetic Field called Fast Radio Busts (FRB). Significant clinical outcomes have been observed wherein extension of life has been determined by comparing predicted survival for cancer patients and cartilage thickness, reduction in pain, increased range of movement, etc for treatment of osteoarthritis”, said Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, Eminent Scientist & Inventor of Quantum Magnetic Resonance Therapy (QMRT®) Device – Cytotron.

The Cytotron is intended to be used to cause degeneration of uncontrolled growth of tissues. It is indicated for treating protein-linked, abnormally regenerating disorders such as Neoplastic Disease (Cancer), and allowing extended progression free survival, with pain relief, palliation, improved quality and dignity of life. It is indicated for the treatment of solid tumors of breast, liver and pancreas.

Kolkata is the second city in India after Bengaluru to have the CYTOTRON – QMRT® device. It is the first ever Indian Medical Device to get the breakthrough designation from US FDA in treatment of Cancer. Cytotron is also the First Indian Medical Device to be Patented Worldwide – in World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), India, USA, The European Union and China. Patients can avail this treatment only on the recommendations of a practicing Doctor.

Medflag Healthcare is situated at Rabindra Sarobar, Southern Avenue (5 Dr Satyananda Road, Kolkata – 700029, Ward No 87, Beside Menoka Cinema) and will be open through Monday – Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. An Oncologist and an Orthopaedic, specially trained with the knowhow of operating the QMRT® device, will be present for providing medical support to the patients.

About Medflag Healthcare Pvt Ltd:

Medflag Healthcare, situated at South Kolkata will provide holistic treatment facilities through the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Therapy (QMRT®) Device focusing on a patient’s lifestyle, emotional and psycho social well being. The entire team of counsellors, psychologists, dieticians, doctors & music therapists will work in coherence to provide the patients an improved quality of life.