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Two representatives from India Autism Center visited Sunshine Autism Care Society and Pradip Center for Autism to commemorate the upcoming World Autism Awareness Day celebrated on the 2nd of April. India Autism Center, a non profit organization founded by Mr. Suresh Kumar Somani, is an upcoming residential and educational project for Autistic Individuals and their family members located in Sirakol. The campus will be the first of its kind in India and spans approximately 40 acres. The representatives had the opportunity to spend time with the students of Sunshine and Pradip and interact with the senior faculty members. World Autism Awareness Day is a major occasion for autistic people and those who work with them. Some students and faculty members were busy practicing for the performances that happen annually on the 2nd of April. Collaboration and shared learning are foundational values of India Autism Center and witnessing the dedication and single-minded efforts of fellow organizations is always an inspiring experience.