Satyajit Ray’s film characters are helping to spread out awareness about Thalassemia in city

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May 8 is the International Thalassemia Day. Various programs are being carried out all over the world to raise public awareness about this disease. Our city Kolkata is also not lagging behind. Serum Thalassemia Prevention Federation, a well-known voluntary organization of the city, is also involved in this huge work sacrifice.A unique plan is there in this year’s awareness campaign plan. The characters in Satyajit Ray’s films have started raising awareness about thalassemia across the city.  Sharmila Tagore in Devi, Jalsaghar’s Chhabi Biswas, Mahanagar’s Madhabi Mukherjee, Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen’s Robi-Tapesh, Sonar Kella’s Soumitra, Agantuk’s Utpal Dutt and many more. In the campaign, these characters are talking about awareness about thalassemia. The theme of the film, sometimes slogans have been made keeping in mind the dialogue from films. May 2 is Satyajit Ray’s 101 birth anniversary.  He had done a lot for children. Starting from writing stories, making pictures, editing Sandesh magazine, doing various illustrations. But because of a little unconsciousness, those children are affected by thalassemia. They wrote the captions. “Ray’s pictures are very popular. The characters are also very popular. If such characters are brought through publicity then it will catch the eye of the people. In that case our goal of raising awareness will be successful. Ray is immortal through his creations. It became part of the awareness of the disease and made the overall publicity more visible. ” This was stated by Sanjib Acharya, Secretary, Serum Thalassemia Prevention Federation.