2nd edition of Sanmarg Dialogues -“वाद संवाद”-a platform for intellectuals from varied backgrounds to engage and express views

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Kolkata, 16th January, 2021: Sanmarg boasts of being the most widely circulated Hindi Newspaper from Eastern India, headquar tered in Bengal. In its 75 year-long legacy it has kept up to its vision & mission of “सन्मार्ग एव सर्वत्र पूज्यते नापथः क्वचित” – the path followed by truth. We live in a world of opinions, views and deliberations.

Democracy has lead the way to free -dom of thought and expression. There are no linear rights and wrongs. Keeping this in mind we have curated the 2nd edi -tion of Sanmarg Dialogues – “वाद संवाद” – a platform for intellectuals from varied back grounds to engage and express views, giving a multi faceted approach on socially stimu lating topics amidst an evolved audi ence today at The Bengal Rowing Club, Kolkata.

India has a plethora of religion and lang uages. We often ask is the religion intert -wined with language? To deliberate on the same we present to you the 2nd edition of ‘सन्मार्ग – वाद संवाद’ wherein our panelist will discuss “हिन्दू बोले हिंदी”. The occasion was glittered by the Panelist like: Tathagata Roy, Former Governor of Tripura & Megha laya; Rj Vashishth, Story teller, Poet and Youtuber; Radharamn Das, Vice Presi dent & Spokesperson, Iskcon Kolkata ; Dr. Arun -jyoti Bhikkhu (Sraman), Buddhist Monk & Social Activist; Ashish Kumar Khandhway , Editor of Gagana -nchal; Nil, Fashion Desi gner; Moderated by: Manogya Loiwal, Journalist and was attended by various eminent personalities like: Richa Sharma, Actress; Reshmi Ghosh, Actress; CA Mamta Binani, Past President of ICS I ; Vivek Gupta, MD of Sanmarg; Rajesh Gupta, Lensocrat; Naina More, Celebrity Moti -vational Speaker; MD Kutchina; Alok Sharma, Chairman Asian International School & many other eminent personalities.

Speaking to the media, Mrs. Ruchika Gupta Director of Sanmarg said “Hindi is our mother tongue, the language of our religious identity. This debate aims to share one’s language knowledge affects one’s religious understanding and depth.”

About Sanmarg:

Sanmarg is a well-known Hindi newspaper circulated in the eastern section of India. Founded in 1946 by Swami Karpatri Ji Sanmarg emerged to be a powerful tool of expression for Akhil Bhartiya Ram Rajya Parishad. Sanmarg was established to promote virtues like humanity and right- eousness. Sanmarg is circulated across cities where the number of Hindi news -paper readers is comparatively more than English readers. The main editions of Sanmarg include Patna, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata and Ranchi. Hence it is quite natural that Sanmarg has managed to reach the status of one of the most popular news -papers of East India.