Chidakash Kalalay performs ‘Vasant Gatha’

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There is a play named ‘Mrichhakatikam’ in Sanskrit literature, which is said to have been composed by ‘Shudraka’. The play is based on the story of a well-to-do Brahmin named Charudatta, who, due to his charity and extreme generosity, reaches a state of poverty. For his truthfulness, generosity and soft demeanor, a courtesan, Vasantasena, is attracted to him.

In ancient Indian society, some women beyond the elite used to take up the profession of a courtesan or a prostitute. Of these, the courtesans were considered relatively respected. They were proficient in dance, music etc and these were the basis of their livelihood, while prostitutes were available for physical connection.

Some time ago the above theatrical work was staged by the Natya Sanstha Chidakash Kalalaya in the name of Vasant Gatha. The entire time period of Vasant Sena was depicted in the play. An attempt was made to tell their good and bad times through flashbacks. The basic objective of Chidakash Kalalaya Natya Sanstha is to inform the society that there is a positive form in every human being.

This play has been directed by Piyal Bhattacharya. Sayak Mitra, Akash Mallick, Pinky Mandal and Manjira De were seen acting in this 1 hour and 15 minute play.

Shatabdi Banerjee, Dipan Maitra, Deep Ghosh, Chandak Jana, Rinki Mandal, Shritama Choudhary and Shubhendu Ghosh are in other roles.