Nachiketa Sets The Tune Of Love Right With ‘Tor Isharay’

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The Song Focusing On Inter-Faith Love Released On The Occasion Of Valentine’s Day –

Kolkata,Renowned singer Nachiketa made a soulful comeback this Valentine’s Day with his all new single ‘Tor Isharay’ that dropped on Ministry of Muzik’s youtube channel recently on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Composed by Shiladitya Chaudhury, the heartwarming song, positioned as ‘Bhinno Premer Kahini’, is vividly shot in Amadpur Baithakkhana situated in Burdwan.

The song, entirely conceptualized by Shiladitya, narrates the story of two souls from different religion trying to find a way out in Love but finding several hurdles on their way more so, as the boy is from a middle-class background and the girl comes from a rich family. Their families later get into their budding relationship and the song ends in a tragic note.  

Bhinno Premer Kahini tells us the story of inter-faith love. We wanted to harp on the point that Love is beyond any religion. I am delighted to have worked with Nachiketa for the first time, whose mellifluous voice made ‘Tor Isharay’ more honeyed. The song is the perfect milieu of multiple melodies; the joyful union of Indian Sehnai with Arabic tunes makes the entire listening experience pleasant. I sincerely hope the song will touch the lsiteners emotional chord and will leave a lasting impression”, said Music DirectorMr Shiladitya Chaudhury.

The song, written by Saikat Chattopa- dhyay is being produced by Ministry of Muzik and now available in its Youtube Channel along with other prominent musical platforms. Som Chakraborty has directed the Music Video besides providing Sound Direction, Additional Screenplay, Video Editing, Music Arrangements and Mix Master. Palash Tarafdar is the cinemato- grapher. In the coming days, Ministry of Muzik will keep showcasing some brilliant musical works by some of the legends of the musical arena and will also provide platform to the emerging talents as well.