The New Government in Bengal Must Concentrate on Improving Basic Infrastructure of the State, says leading Infra entrepreneur Laxman Jaiswal

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“I hope whichever party comes to power in West Bengal they have to concentrate in improving the basic infrastructure of the State which includes health care, roads, transportation and a congenial atmosphere for industry and commerce,” says Eastern India’s leading infra entrepreneur Laxman Jaiswal, Chairman and Managing Director of Ascon Infra India Ltd.

In a hard hitting statement, Jaiswal said, “The pandemic has actually laid bare the complete lack of infrastructural development in the State over the past many decades, the people are not provided basics as health care, roads, transport and logistics and more and every day we see people not being able to be given oxygen, hospital beds, medicines and even ambulances for patients, it is a natural grievance that every resident of West Bengal is asking why is the state in such shambles, the Districts are even worse hit with no respite in the immediate future.

The state Governments over the past 3-4 decades have hardly improved on the health care system, it is a matter of shame that hospitals lack as basic as oxygen plants and generators along with their facilities independently  and health has never been a priority of governance and today the citizens are facing acute hardship. The new government has to prioritise the health sector as one of the key areas of focus.

I feel strongly feel that the politics of the poor in the form of doles, freebies, financial aid to neighbourhood clubs must end immediately, as precious funds from the taxpayers money is being diverted towards wasteful and non productive expenses and in the bargain the people including the business and commerce is being deprived of basic amenities which are the right of a citizen. The new Government has to take up long term and short term plans for infra development and spending on health care and basic amenities need to be increased to meet new challenges, the task is mammoth but simple. Those who have voted the new Government will seek answers, the pandemic and the new normal shall change a lot of the dynamics of governance and I strongly advocate citizen activism to correct the course of governance in future. We need to do away with corruption and negligence in Governance for the state to improve”, concluded Laxman Jaiswal.

Laxman Jaiswal is Chairman & Managing Director of Ascon Infra India Ltd with business interests in Infrastructure, Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence & IT with offices in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Dubai and Eastern Europe.