Medica spearheads district wide Cancer Care drive to ‘close the care gap’ 

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Awareness today, is a cure tomorrow 

Medica starts the most inclusive detection in districts for breast and cervical cancers

Kolkata, 1st February 2024: Medica Superspecialty Hospital, the largest private hospital chain and one of the trendsetters in comprehensive Cancer care in Eastern India, marked the upcoming World Cancer Day 2024 on 4th February, by announcing a series of impactful events aimed at raising awareness and providing essential weekly screening and consultation services for women in six districts across West Bengal. Medica Cancer Hospital in Kolkata will run a month-long screening, testing from 4th February until 8th March, completely free of cost which will include tests like Ultrasonography, Mammogram, and Pap Smear. The Oncology team at Medica is committed to making a positive impact on community health, and these initiatives underscore their dedication to closing the care gap in cancer detection and prevention. World Cancer Day 2024 marks the third consecutive year of the ‘Close the Care Gap’ campaign, focusing on equity. This year’s efforts will center on establishing new alliances and bringing together the voices of like-minded individuals to make a powerful appeal. An eclectic session organized today at the Press Club was attended by Prof. (Dr.) Subir Ganguly, Senior Consultant, Advisor, Radiation Oncology, Dr. Saumitra Bharadwaj ,Group Chief Marketing Officer, Dr. Arunava Roy, Senior Consultant and Head, Gynaecologic Oncology and Robotic Surgery, Dr. Sayan Das, Senior Consultant & Head Radiation Oncology, Dr. Pooja Agarwal, Consultant, Surgical Oncology (Breast Surgery) and Dr. Pradip Kumar Mondal, Consultant, Medical & Hemato-Oncology .

A cancer awareness rally is scheduled on 4th February in Berhampore in association with Sahid Khudiram Pathagar and Fight Cancer Club. Same day another rally will commence in Contai in association with Medsquare Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Diagnostics & Polyclinic, Lions Club of Contai and Indian Medical Association (Rural Branch), to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and cancer prevention. Medica has already started Eastern India’s first home based Palliative Care and Monobina Clinic, demonstrating the hospital’s ongoing dedication towards offering comprehensive assistance to individuals and families dealing with cancer.  

Prof.(Dr.) Subir Ganguly, Senior Consultant, Advisor, Radiation Oncology, stated, “In the fight against breast and cervical cancers, it is imperative to acknowledge the stark reality–breast cancer constitutes 14% of cancers in Indian women, with a new diagnosis every four minutes. Cervical cancer, accounting for 6-29% of cases, is steadily increasing, impacting both rural and urban communities in developing countries. Understanding the urgency and the need to bridge this healthcare gap, Medica’s Oncology team is taking proactive steps in the districts. Our commitment goes beyond Kolkata or metropolitan cities; we recognize that the density of cancer or the potential for timely detection is higher in semi-urban and rural areas due to lack of awareness and persistent social taboos. These camps will have two experienced doctors. We firmly believe that cancer knows no boundaries, and our efforts aim to ensure that quality healthcare reaches every corner.”

Emphasizing the hospital’s outreach efforts to ensure accessible cancer care services, Dr. Sourav Datta, Director, Medica Oncology & Senior Consultant, Head and Neck Oncosurgery, opined, “There has been a momentous shift in cancer treatment and Kolkata is at par with any world’s biggest and developed cities in providing superior treatment. Medica has taken one of the leading roles with organ specific cancer surgery, best-in-class technology for detection and treatment of cancer with the support of best doctors. We focus on care beyond treatment, through our Monobina Clinic, a hope for cancer caregivers and families by offering dedicated counselling along with Eastern India’s first home based Palliative Care for cancer patients who are nearing the end of their lives, focusing on the patient rather than merely treating their disease.”

Dr. Arunava Roy, Senior Consultant and Head, Gynaecologic Oncology and Robotic Surgery, Medica Cancer Hospital, stated, “On this World Cancer Day on 4th February, we at Medica Oncology aim to propagate cancer care in rural and semi-urban West Bengal where the facilities for diagnosis and treatment of this dreaded disease are limited and not easily accessible whereas the burden is high. So, we are reaching out to the population at Murshidabad and Medinipore with a bundle of activities to promote awareness, prevention and early diagnosis of cancer working hand in hand with local bodies. We come together as a team of organ specific cancer specialists along with the most advanced and state of art cancer treatment and diagnostics facilities to make cancer care affordable and accessible for the people of eastern India.   

Mr. R. Udayan Lahiry, Managing Director, Medica Group of Hospitals, said, “Each year around 10 million people die of cancer and this is more than HIV/AIDS & tuberculosis combined. Experts are projecting that this figure will rise to 13 million by 2030. If detected early around one-third cancer can be cured and treated. So at Medica we are taking this initiative to educate people about cancer, it’s early detection & treatment so that we can save lives through greater awareness. Awareness today, is a cure tomorrow.”

Mr. Ayanabh Debgupta, Jt. Managing Director, Medica Superspecialty Hospital, stated, “As a healthcare service provider, with the best Oncology team and over 500 cancer beds spread across Kolkata, Siliguri, Ranchi and the upcoming unit in Asansol, it is our duty to reach out to the communities in districts and close the care gap, where these conversations are overdue between patients and doctors. We aim to break the silence around cervical and breast cancer, promoting awareness and education.” 

About Medica Group of Hospitals:  Medica Group of Hospitals, one of the major chains of hospitals in Eastern India today, has built and managed numerous healthcare facilities across the Eastern region over the past few years. The group has footprints in West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar, and Assam.