Pledge Taking Ceremony at PNB Kolkata Zone on Vigilance Awareness Week

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The employees of Kolkata Zonal Office participated in the Integrity Pledge taking
ceremony as a part of Vigilance Awareness Week which is being celebrated from 27th
October to 2nd November 2020. The pledge is a commitment for highest standards of
honesty and integrity at all times and to support the fight against corruption. The pledge was administered by Shri Ashwini Kumar Jha, CGM & Zonal Manager in the presence of Senior Officials of the zone.

Theme for this year’s Vigilance Awareness Week is ‘सतर्कभारत समृद्ध भारत’ “Vigilant
India, Prosperous India”. While taking the pledge, Shri Ashwini Jha said that preven- tive Vigilance is basically a checkpoint to understand if we are adhering to the laid down guidelines. He emphasized on the need to be cautious and alert in our profess- ional and personal lives against all potential risks. The core theme of Preventive Vigil- ance helps and reminds us to create an atmosphere or an ecosystem wherein members of the PNB Parivar do not bring any risks upon themselves or the organi- sation.