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Dr Amar Nath Ghosh
Senior Consultant – Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon
Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals, Kolkata

World Heart Day every year on 29th September reminds us oh huge plethora of cardiovascular problems but also provides us the resolve and strength to solve them. Today’s figure is that we loose 32 people due to heart disease out of 100 people. So the people have to remain aware and educated of the early warning signals of these problems. Broadly the patient can experience chest discomfort , breathlessness, fatigue, swelling of body ( oedema ) , palpitations and sudden loss of consciousness ( syncope ). So, the message is not to overlook these early problems . Don’t be shy of specialist doctors visit . With advent of newer technologies , Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI a very high quality imaging is available to interpret complex heart problems. Similarly both use of modern medicines and newer intervention techniques by cardiologist and corrective procedures by cardiac surgeons has entirely changed the landscape of management of heart disease . Patients with deadly rhythm disorders can have AICD implanted. Terminal heart failure patients have hope with CRRT / Mitraclip, Ventricular Assist Devices and finally heart transplant or Artificial Heart.

But , at the end people means ——> you have control over most of the heart problems . Carefully resolve your stress and tension . Be happy , calm and positive . Indulge in exercise- if possible group exercises like yoga , jogging , fitness dance groups which keeps you motivated . Make the diet simpler – less fat , less junk food, less salt and less sugar. Quit smoking , lower the alcoholic consumption and manage to get a good sleep at night . These will bring immense beneficial effect on your heart. So stay focused this year with the theme of World Heart Day 2022. “Use Heart for every Heart”. Iets Make right decisions to act with courage .