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Murshidabad, located in North Bengal, 200kms from Kolkata is the unknown wealth capital of the world that has contributed 5% of the world GDP in the 18th century. The last capital city of independent Bengal on the banks of the Bhagirathi continues to be a hidden gem in the Indian tourism map with its opulent history, culture, cuisine and unique lifestyle. The Murshidabad Heritage Development Society (MHDS) formed in 2010 is working with the sole objective of revitalizing, preserving and restoring Indian heritage by focusing on Murshidabad. Within a short span, MHDS has made progress in creating awareness about the valuable heritage of Murshidabad and encouraging Culture and tourism to facilitate the revival of the region. Several Heritage festivals have been hosted by MHDS over the past few years, with the support of the government agencies and departments, educational foundations, crafts council, district and municipal administrations, amongst others.

The Murshidabad Heritage Festival’2022 (MHF’2022) is scheduled to be held in Murshidabad on 11th , 12th & 13th March 2022. The MHF 2022 is being held in the biggest ever partnership with the Government of West Bengal, more specifically, with the Department of Tourism, Department of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises & Textiles and the Department of Information & Cultural Affairs in association with our Organisation, Murshidabad Heritage Development Society (MHDS). MFH 2022, this year promises to be unique with its hosting of a mega cultural event at the royal gardens of Motijheel for the very first time. To add to the festivity, the Hazarduari Royal Grounds would be thrown open to the guests for a cultural evening and dinner. Artists from different parts of Murshidabad and West Bengal will perform for the guests’ courtesy, Information & Cultural Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal and the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Kolkata. The recently restored Bari Kothi at Azimganj, now functioning as a Heritage Hotel, will be showcased as a model project for other heritage custodians to replicate. The Festival promises to be a lovely experience and a feast for the senses, both visually and aesthetically. Heritage walks, visits to museums & temples including Terracotta ones, colourful Boat Race on the river will add to the charm; authentic Bengali Cuisines of Murshidabad including Sheherwali will enthral guests gastronomically; Folk-lore and dances are sure to mesmerize; the famous Murshidabad fireworks display will add dazzle to the gala. These will highlight Indian heritage with a special emphasis on the distinctive culture of Murshidabad. This festival aims to attract students, heritage enthusiasts, investors, travel & tour agents and tourists for the making of heritage custodians which in turn would have a positive impact on the socio-economic condition of the district and the state as well. Murshidabad has a special place in India’s history and in our hearts. The festival is of great importance for every Indian to deeply feel the need of preserving, conserving and protecting the rich culture and heritage. It will strive to make people take pride in their uniqueness that is India’s strength.