Cyber security conference based on the INDIA-UK

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Modern technology is the only weapon to combat cyber crime. On the morning of 8th August, 2023, a cyber security conference based on the INDIA-UK future relations was held at the Taj Bengal Hotel. The conference was organised by the I-CYBER DEFENCE and British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata. Among the eminent guests invited to the conference were the state IT minister Babul Supriya and Kolkata police commissioner Vineet Goyal. The list of the speakers included British deputy high-commissioner (East) Nick Low, Cyber defence head Soumen Paul, Vince Warrington for cyber risk management and Diptesh Saha, International head of Indian cyber defence. An awareness project on cybercrime and its prevention has been adopted at the administration level in India and England for the next 2030 target under the Look East Program of the central government. On this occasion, every speaker of the conference mentioned the need to technologically adept normal people and especially the Kolkata police force to combat cybercrime. According to the study, a cyber crime is organized every 39 seconds in the world,. According to Check Point Research, the number of cyber crimes in the state has been increased by 18 percent in recent times. I-Cyber Defence, one of the organizers of the program, informed that a plan for digital transformation of the Central and State has been successfully implemented in the last five years.

Right now the new generation of enterprising businessmen are being encouraged by the government. Along with this, the need to raise awareness to reduce cybercrime has also become important. With the help of digital technology, new enterprising entrepreneurs are getting the opportunity to expand their business globally. And that’s why data security protection and privacy assurance are needed. This can be done seamlessly in the PPP model.

Kolkata Police is now technologically advanced in terms of cyber security. However, as the technology is constantly becoming modern, the infrastructure of Kolkata Police needs to be improved to keep pace with it. This conference is needed for the awareness about not only technical skills but also its application in practical field. This program is being successful with the full cooperation of the state government.