Jaya Ahsan to become UNDP’s Goodwill Ambassador

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Dhaka, December 31, 2021 – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) appointed popular actress, producer and social activist, Jaya Ahsan as its Goodwill Ambassador in Bangladesh, effective from January 01, 2022 for a year.

The voluntary service and support of acclaimed artist, Jaya Ahsan as the Goodwill Ambassador will shine a spotlight on important issue like Sustainable Development Goals to mobilize support and raise awareness in achieving the goals by 2030.

“I am honoured to be named the Goodwill Ambassador of UNDP and extremely privileged to join the team in working towards these goals,” Jaya said. “I will advocate and mobilise action to work on SDGs through online and offline media and all other platforms I have access to,” she further added.

“We all share a responsibility to making our planet a better place, and that means that each of us both individually and as citizens of the planet need to play our part to help achieve the SDGs. We are fortunate to have Jaya Ahsan who is not only a very celebrated Artist but also a person committed to social good to be our Goodwill Ambassador. Having her with us will help to amplify our call to everyone within and beyond Bangladesh to join UNDP’s efforts towards a healthier, happier and more equal planet that seeks to leave no one behind,” Said Sudipto Mukerjee, Resident Representative, UNDP Bangladesh.

Jaya Ahsan will also work with UNDP to raise public awareness and galvanize support for different campaigns on poverty, governance, resilience, environment, energy and gender equality.