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The news of the demise of the great actor Dilip Kumar today had really effected the whole film industry.

Today, on this tragic occasion we have seen many actors, singers have expressed their sorrow in social media. Not only in Bollywood, Dillip Kumar was even very popular in Tollywood.

Rituparna Sengupta, who is a well-known actress of Tollywood also expressed her sorrow and is very upset with the news today. She told the media that she heard his name from her childhood but she eventually came to know when she started growing up. Dilip Kumar commanded over the whole film industry. Rituparna was in school when she saw Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan on the same screen in the movie ‘Shakti’. She has watched almost all the movies of Dilip Kumar like Karma, Mughal-E-Azam, Saudagar and many more. Her father had always been a great fan of Dilip Kumar and she often heard his name from her father when she was young. The whole film industry recognised his talent and, in his demise, the whole industry is moaning. But he has left behind his legacy, his kingdom which will help the coming generations to know this true master and his contributions. Dilip Kumar is known as the ‘Tragic King’.

He was a versatile actor and everyone loved the way he delivered hit dialogues, his silences, his pauses and his expressions. His acting was mesmerizing. The demise of this great actor will be marked as the darkest day of our film industry. We have lost a precious gem. He is a Kohinoor to the film industry. She also stated that she never got a chance to interact with him but she can she the loss that happened. She wishes that his legacy never dies and deep condolences to his family members.

May his soul rest in peace!