Fancy Fashion Show in Kolkata Mr Miss Mrs India International 2021-Season Two

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Kolkata. If you want to say in words, there is a way. And if that desire is for the fulfillment of the dreams of others, then the tendency of will power increases even more. In the same way, Hina Kauser became a real example in reality show. Hina Kauser, winner of the 2019 Mrs. Asia pageant, is simultaneously an actress, model and social worker. On Sunday (November 21, 2021) the season two of the fashion show Mr Miss Mrs India International-2021 was held at The Pearl Hotel in Kolkata. Bollywood actor Rahul Roy, popularly known from ‘Aashiqui’, was the chief guest at the fashion show organized by her company Pink Roses Entertainment.

Asked about the fashion show, the show’s chief guest, Bollywood macho-man actor Rahul Roy said, “You all know I was very sick a while ago but I am still not completely healthy. I quit smoking, eating meat so that I can stay healthy and work harder in the future. “

About the fashion show, show organizer Hina Kauser said, “All the contestants will appear in the finals only after grooming. There are three rounds in the finals. The winners will have the opportunity to work next time on various web series, short films and music albums.”

Competitors from different categories participated in this fashion show. The winner of the Miss category is Adrika. The winner of Mrs. category is Swati Chhabra. Mrs. Platinum is Sonali Ganguly. On the other hand winner of Mr. category is Rohit Raj Haldar. Jisal Ali in the Mr. Teen category and Samran Jenny in the Miss Teen category were selected as the winners.

On this day, musician Dalia Mitra captivated the audience with the magic of her voice.

As a child artist, Hina Kausar made her acting debut on Doordarshan as a child. But due to her mother’s objection, she had to refrain from acting life. After studying MBA, she is currently working as HR. Hina’s extraordinary personality has always fascinated her well-wishers. It is better to say that Hina has set foot in the world of glamour again with her enthusiasm. Hina took part in the beauty pageant and reached the finale. In this way she once won the title of Mrs. Asia. Although her path was not so easy. She fought with her family as well as with the society at large. During her journey, she realized that neither the family nor the society supported the girls. Many talented people are left behind in the glamour industry due to lack of proper platform. Hina is currently showing them a new direction. She is giving opportunities to the talented people through her company Pink Roses Entertainment. In 2020, she started Mr Miss Mrs India International Fashion Show. Season One was attended by Varun Suri, Shabbir Ali and star Rahul Roy as the chief guests.

Let me tell you, there was an incident in Hina’s life. She was paralyzed in an accident. The right side of the body became practically immobile. At one point the doctors informed her that the part of her would never return to normal. Even though the doctors gave up, Hina did not stop in this battle of life. Hina Kauser is one of the brightest stars in the world of glamour today due to her courage and willpower. Whose wish was fulfilled like a dream, today in the real world he has made a new identity by fighting with life, society and family. Many wishes are being fulfilled in her hands at present. Not only that, Hina Kauser is constantly working for the empowerment of women.