Eunuch Community Turns Santa Claus for the City!

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Uribaba’s Christmas Present to the people of Kolkata

Dec, Kolkata : The Eunuch and transgender community in Kolkata for the first time donned the hat of Santa Claus this Christmas and decided to surprise the people of the city. 

The community usually thrives through requesting alms at traffic signals and performing at weddings and other auspicious occasions to earn a living. However, this Christmas with the initiative of Uribaba, Bengal’s first independent free content station, the eunuch community surprised Kolkatans as they quietly dropped in at noon at prime locations in the city like Victoria Memorial, Ballygunge Phari, EM Bypass Building more, Hyatt Regency and Phoolbagan crossing among others and instead of asking for money, they started distributing gifts to the people. The commuters and passersby were all in for a surprise as they received gifts and goodies from the unexpected Santa Claus!

People gathered in large numbers to click pictures and soak in the holiday spirit with the new Santa the city had to offer.

CoFounder of Uribaba, director Sourav Chakraborty who was seen soaking in the festive spirit with the community was touched by the sporting spirit of the community. He said ” A lot of people tend to disassociate themselves from this community . However, this community has a lot to offer to us. Through this activity we have tried to showcase a different side to our friendly trans people where instead of receiving benefits, they are spreading joy and happiness at a time when people are coping up from the depressed pandemic situation. “

Co-Founder of Uribaba,Amit Bose added ” Today we got to see not only a human and fun side to the eunuch community, we also see how they can be employed in positive activities like spreading the word for any brand . Organizations should see this community and use them actively for spreading the word for their respective businesses. That gives them an earning potential”

Supported by Uribaba, the Eunuch and transgender community in Kolkata became the surprise Santa Claus for the first time for the city and distributed goodies throughout the Christmas afternoon.