Inauguration of a new Full dome film ‘Life under the Arctic Sky’ at Science City, Kolkata

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The film takes the visitors on an immersive journey of life, folklore and captivating astronomical features in the arctic region

Today, on the occasion of International Museum Day, a new full-dome film ‘Life under the Arctic Sky’ was
inaugurated by Prof. Sibaji Raha, Chairman, Executive Committee, Science City and Former Director,
BOSE Institute, Kolkata in the Space Theatre of Science City, Kolkata.

The film takes you on an immersive journey of life, folklore, and captivating astronomical features in the arctic region. Two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle, near the jagged tips of Norway’s crown, the Sun does not set for weeks during the summer months, and the midnight sun bounces off fields of midsummer snow. This full-dome film features the Sami People of northern Scandinavia as they follow the reindeer migrations, much like their ancestors. A total of 10 filming expeditions and 105 days were made to the Arctic to capture the northern lights, the Sami and their reindeer, dog sledding, and the beautiful Arctic scenery.

Produced by Winner Pictures/Behind The Scenes Media, the 41-minute 3D film explores the natural beauty of the Arctic and Sami’s Reindeer Herd Migration with the hunting of Northern Lights and the Folk tale of Fox Tail about the Aurora Borealis in the full-dome Theatre of Science City, Kolkata.

The system in the Space theatre is capable of screening high resolution, fulldome digital 2D and 3D content and Planetarium Shows by utilising six, high end, Christie Mirage projectors with an effective screen resolution of at least about 30 million pixels, the product of a seamless blend on a completely new 23 degree tilted, 23-metre diameter dome using Ulteria Seam technology which utilizes a specialised seamless joining process. This upgraded facility provides an immersive experience and the viewers feel as if they are being transported into the scenes that are being viewed and the objects in projection appear
close enough to touch in 3D shows. While the last film ‘Australia’s Great Wild North’ had 1,60,000 visitors,
more than 74 lakh people had thrilling experiences in the films of this Space theatre since its inauguration.

“The films screened in the Space Theatre of Science City not only acquaint the audiences with the spectacular
features of science but also provide an immersive experience. The film, ‘Life under the Arctic Sky’, transports
you to the cold and beautiful environment of Arctic in the hot and humid summer of Kolkata. This film will
be screened in 6 shows daily between 12 noon to 5 pm. Initially, it will be in English & Hindi but soon we will
have shows in Bengali also”.–said Shri Anurag Kumar, Director, Science City, Kolkata.