Press Conference on Promoting Sustainable Practices in Durga Puja Idol Preparation

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Kolkata, October 9, 2023: Sovabazar Sangrami Club, Auth’n, UVVA in collaboration with SwitchON Foundation organized a press conference to shed light on the critical issue of resource use. The event held at Rotary Sadan brought together prominent experts and concerned citizens to discuss the pressing need for responsible resource management on a crucial and timely topic: “Raising Public Awareness About Limited Resources and the Importance of Reuse in Durga Puja Idol Preparation.”

Durga Puja, one of West Bengal’s most significant and revered festivals, is celebrated with immense zeal and enthusiasm. However, this year Sovabazar Sangrami Club brought a unique twist. This time the Durga Puja idol will be made from the non-recyclable materials like electronic waste and metal scraps such as DVDs, CDs, keyboards, clocks, CPU monitors, discarded cables, and more. These materials are being ingeniously employed to craft the pavilion, as well as in the creation of illuminated fixtures, showcasing the innovation and creativity of the artisans. It was a medium to make the public aware about the importance of resource reuse and to inspire action at both individual and community level.

Mr. Vinay Jaju, Managing Director of SwitchON Foundation said, “Resource reuse is the fundamental principle of sustainable living. By extending the life cycle of products and materials, we not only reduce the strain on our planet’s resources but also contribute to a healthier, more resilient future for all.”

The press conference featured esteemed speakers and experts like Ms. Manoshi Roy Chowdhury, Chairman Techno India Group, Mr.Prabir Mitra, Chairman, Sovabazar Sangrami Club and RJ Arvind from 94.3 Radio One, Ms Ranjeeta Bhattacharya from SwitchON Foundation, Debulal Talukdar, VC, Ms. Raktima Banerjee, Theme Artist from Auth’n, Mr. Mofizur Rahaman, Environmental Impact Analyst and many others who joined the event shedded light on the environmental impact of traditional Durga Puja practices and how a shift towards sustainable materials and reuse can contribute to a greener and more responsible celebration.

The press conference aimed to raise public awareness about the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices during Durga Puja celebrations. It also provided insights into how this year’s theme symbolizes the fusion of tradition and sustainability, showing that even in the most elaborate celebrations, we can find ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

SwitchON Foundation is the Green Puja, sustainability partners. We are providing financial support and support in terms of sustainable gifts and refreshments, social media promotions for eco-friendly Durga Puja and support in terms of knowledge and outreach by providing guidelines on conducting sustainable Puja celebrations and bringing in partners to make the Puja more sustainable.

Mr.Prabir Mitra, Chairman, Sovabazar Sangrami Club said, “Cultural heritage can shine even brighter when it walks hand in hand with responsible resource management for a better environment.”

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