Coffee House spreading its wings in Bengal, opens its new outlet at Diamond Harbour

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  • In a post covid era,Coffee House is all set to bring the euphoria back of face-to- face adda~

Coffee House all set to introduce new menu which will attract crowd of all ages

Kolkata, July, ‘23: Coffee House is all set to  launch its newest outlet near the banks of River Hooghly at Diamond Harbour, thus stepping out from its fortified area of book lovers paradise – College Street . The idea behind this is the beginning to reach out to all corners of Bengal so that all can explore the rich cultural ambiance that coffee house has been pioneer in providing to its enthusiastic visitors in the past .The doors of the newest venue were opened for all in the presence of Shri Amar Mitra, Eminent Writer Shri Mridul Dasgupta, Poet,Smt. Sudeshna Ray, film maker, Prof Smt. Ananya Chakraborty, Shri Jhareswar Chattopadhyay, eminent writer, Shri Debprasad Mandal, Dramatist, Shri Prasun Bhowmik, Poet & Activist and Shri Soumit Basu, Poet & Activist with a string of entertaining activities marking the grand occasion. Thousands coffee lovers thronged to the new outlet to experience the intellectual ambience that was enriched by poetry reading session by eminent poets and musical rendition by Sahaj Manush , Bangla Band and Samriddha.

An era marked by new age coffee chains, the new iconic coffee house is all set to rekindle the old spirit of the old world charm from a handshaking distance of the Ganges . The new cafe house, however will be a fusion of the traditional as well as the new age. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Nurul Islam Laskar, Partner-entrepreneur, Diamond harbour outlet of Indian Coffee House, reiterated “ We are back with a mindset to tap the new age and transitional customers to get a feel of both worlds. While the menus essentially remains the same, we are going to introduce an array of new food launches considering the taste and preferences of the discerning food lovers.”
The new outlet would sprawl over 3500 sq ft  fitted with air conditioner and accessed by an elevator unlike the spiralling staircase of the historic parent, invoking a dash of nostalgia for  intelligentsia as the same whiff of coffee smell sourced from south India along with the signature dishes of the College Street Coffee House would treat their palates . The liveried waiters wearing white starched uniform with fan tailed turbans would serve coffee either Infusion (black) or hot (milk)–the same way as it is being served at the heritage coffee house.  All coffee house hit delicacies like sandwiches, chicken pakora, Mughlai Paratha, Fish fry, Fish fingers Fish kobitai, Chicken omlet will be served here in same flavour and taste. Tall glasses of cold coffee, hot chocolate and the famous infusion will be there to add to the coffee house culture.

“The Sprawling Hall, the characteristic humming sound, the moving liveried waiters with silver green paraphernalia and the  piping hot coffee served, conjure up the vignettes of the historic coffee house. In fact Coffee House in College street is entwined with our memories , our culture and our souls. I started coming here as student. This is the birth place of our Little magazine Bijolpo. I think the decision to expand the footsteps of the iconic coffee house is a very discerning one. When the coffee culture is spreading across the city, our very own college street coffee house should have thought to spread the culture across Bengal. Diamond Harbour is a popular getaway. The new coffee house in Diamond Harbour overlooking the Ganges would boost the tourism in the state, I hope the new outlet will recreate the same magic that the historic  coffee house created  and attract the local people and intellectuals here. We will be regularly inviting poets, writers and intellectuals here for intellectual sessions to create a slice of historic coffee house in Diamond Harbour.” said Prasun Bhowmick, Poet , activist and honorary advisor to the  Coffee House Cooperative society Diamond  Harbour is a popular getaway. The new coffee house in Diamond Harbour overlooking the Ganges would boost the tourism in the state.  The café will boost coffee culture  tourism and attract the local people to enjoy a different experience all together. The new Coffee House is all set to witness poets, singers performing on a regular basis adding another dimension to the overall ambiance.

“We always envisioned to create a chain of the heritage coffee house and recreate the same intellectural hubs across the state.  Our effort came to fruition when the small branches came up in Jadavpur and Sreerampur. However the branch in Diamond harbour is our biggest effort to create a coffee house in a different setting outside college street , added Sarfaraj Ahmed , secretary of the cooperative that took over the administration of college street coffee house said “ we’re really excited about our new offering. It’s splendour, when it’s gates open on 6th July will satisfy everyone who decides to step in for a newer experience.”