Flixbug Presents Riingo’s “A River In Heaven”

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It is believed that water baptises the mind, the body and the spirit. It has the power to cure, care as well as effect transformations in human beings that stretches beyond the mortal understanding of man. Riingo’s forthcoming venture, produced by Flixbug, and titled A River In Heaven is one such film that delves into the age-old myth of water as a powerful agent of change and its repercussions on our lives.

Set in Varanasi, A River in Heaven has one single motif running through it — Ganga, which is worshipped, praised, loved and deified by millions of God-fearing devotees. Ganga is not merely a river — she is an oracle, a portal where wishes are heard, blessings are granted and souls are purified. However, she has another side to her — even as Ganga fulfils dreams, she can also swallow lives, cause turbulence and lead to disaster. Her atrocities don’t go in vain, though — if she creates havoc, it is done with a singular purpose — to clear away all doubts, wash away all tears and dust all the cobwebs that hamper human beings in their spiritual progress.

Against such a backdrop, A River in Heaven unfolds as a story of human relationships — of love, trust, friendship, betrayal and final reconciliation. The incidents and events depicted here act as Ganga changing lives sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst — but always for good.

There is Hari, a poor farmer who lives in Durana with his parents and wife, Banno. Living in abject poverty and in search for respite, Banno gets into an affair with the rich landlord, Sundar Bhai.

Tatoo is a roadside Romeo, a big fan of Salman Khan. He is a pimp at Sonagachi — buying and selling flesh is his trade. He is emotionally detached from it all but life takes a 360 degrees turn when he sees Shaon for the first time.

Swapan and Bisakha are a middle-class couple who cannot have a child. Swapan blames Bisakha and although he loves her, he sometimes ends up physically torturing her out of frustration. They come to Varanasi to seek Ganga’s blessing and bumps into Bisakha’s former lover and teacher, Kaushik.

Bela Roy returns from London to shoot a documentary on Ganga, she wants to forget her past and Bob Chatterjee, her lover who left her stranded without notice.

The story is based on these characters as each of them faces obstacles and challenges in their lives, their fate and course of action determines who they become in the end. Unknowingly, they open the floodgates to a series of emotional ups and downs that leaves them spinning on the wheel of life. A River in Heaven is a story of karmic retribution — Namita, Hari, Banno and Tatoo are not saved from it. A River in Heaven is a story of karmic reward — Shaon, Bela and Bisakha find a way out of it. A River in Heaven is a story of relationships — of husbands and wives and parents and children. It is an abiding tale of forgiveness and ultimate realisations.

A River In Heaven features Debshankar Halder (Babulal Subramanian), Chandreyee Ghosh (Bela), Rafiath Rashid Mithila (Bishakha), Amrita Chattopadhyay (Shaon), Sromona Chakraborty (Bhawari) (daughter of legendary actress & singer, Late Ruma Guha Thakurta), Sudip Mukherjee (Sundar Bhai), Bobby Chakraborty (Swapan), Sayan Ghosh (Tattoo), Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee (Bob Chatterjee) and Tannishtha Biswas (Banno) among others  in the lead roles. The story has been written by Ringo who is also in charge of Cinematography, Editing, Grading and Background Score for the film. The film will go on floors in September, 2021.