Aakash Aath Launched ‘Maa Shitalar Bratakotha’

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– A new tale included in the series of ‘Meyeder Bratakotha’- 

– On Air from 11th July, 2022 –

Kolkata, July, 2022Aakash Aath, one of the most popular Bengali general entertainment channel launched another new tale titled ‘Maa Shitalar Bratakotha’ in the series of ‘Meyeder Bratakotha’. The daily soap ‘Meyeder Bratakotha’ commenced its journey previous year on the television curtain of Aakash Aath and very soon it became successful to gather an immense popularity from the viewers. It upholds before the audience the devotional fasting lore predominantly found in Bengal. There’s a faith that on a specific festival, if a person conducts the fasting rituals devoted to various gods and goddesses and reads their respective Brata Kotha (spiritual tales of Gods & Goddesses) with devotion and fervour, then that person becomes capable of making his/her life pleasant and prosperous.

‘Maa Shitalar Bratakotha’ will portray the magnificent glory of the Goddess ‘Shitala’, her journey, the chastity and strength of her blessings for her devotees who holds immense faith in worshipping her for peace and success and also her rage for the evils. This devotional anecdote begins with the narrative of a to be 18 year old, young and affectionate girl; ‘Chodki’ living in the village named Bankapasi with her brother; ‘Gopal’ and his wife; ‘Rasomoyee’‘Kadam’ who is the only daughter of Gopal and Rasomoyee is Chodki’s sole companion in the daily chores and evening games as well as her secret sharer in the night. One day the village chief declares that if ‘Chodki’ remains unmarried till eighteen years then ‘Chodki’ and her entire family will be ostracized from accessing the day to day need of water from the common water system of the village and have to undergone through scarcity and drought. The story take an inimitable and an interesting turn when young ‘Chodi’ was returning to her home after fetching water from the far end of the village and she unknowingly liberates Maa Shitala from an inanimate stone piece founded since time immemorial. 

Directed by Suman Roy this recently introduced television piece will be casting a number of prominent faces from the television industry. Artisit Joyeeta Goswami will be seen playing the titular role; ‘Maa Shitala’ where as Titly Aich is going to play the character of ‘Chodki’ another significant personality in the entire narrative of ‘Maa Shitalar Bratakotha’ is the character of ‘Goyna Bou’, the antagonist of the story which is played by Reshmi BhattacharyaArpan Das will be seen as ‘Apalak’Rupam Sinha as ‘Prochondo Nath’Srija Bhattacharya as ‘Kadam’Payel Bhar as ‘Rasomoyee’and Tarun Chakraborty as ‘Morol, Anubhab Dutta as ‘Amarendra’, Debopriyo Dutta as ‘Dibyo’, Somdutta Biswas as ‘Iti’ and Sangeeta Ghosh as ‘Atabi’

‘Maa Shitalar Bratakotha’ is on air from 11th July, 2022 at 06:30 pm only on Aakash Aath.

About Aakash Aath:

The popular Bengali channel Akash Bangla, which was known for its news and entertainment portfolio, has been re-launched as Aakash Aath from 14th October, 2013. Positioned as a General Entertainment Channel (GEC), Aakash Aath presents a wide variety of program, including news bulletins (Aakash Barta), catering to audience across age groups. The programs on air are, Good Morning Aakash (live musical programme with guest artistes), Radhuni (Cookery show), Police Filez (Crime show based on real life incidents), Balika Badhu (a literature work by Bimal Mitra), Ekir Mikir (a literature work by Shri Samaresh Majumdar), Meyeder Bratakotha (spiritual tales of Gods & Goddesses), Yuganayak Swami Vivekananda, Tomaay Hridhmajhare Raakhbo and others. Aakash Aath also airs blockbuster feature films every day. The channel promises to launch an array of interesting shows & serials in the coming days.