Open your mind with these documentaries on Netflix on International Yoga Day

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More than a form of physical fitness, Yoga also helps to quieten the mind and cultivate a deeper connection to and understanding of the self. Here’s a handpicked selection of documentaries on Netflix that will help you look at yoga and mindfulness from different perspectives. 
List of titles

Headspace Guide to Meditation

Headspace takes a friendly, animated look at the benefits of meditation while offering techniques and guided meditations to jump-start your practice.

The Mind, Explained

Whether you’re a psychology major or simply interested in learning more about the mind, this series hosted by Emma Stone dives into dreams, mindfulness, and even anxiety.

Minimalism: A Documentary about Important Things

By aiming to uncover the meaninglessness of materialism, this documentary asks you to find fulfilment in simplicity.

Ram Dass, Going Home

Spiritual teacher Baba Ram Dass reflects on the deeper meaning of life and death in this documentary, which was also shortlisted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a contender for the 2018 Academy Awards in Documentary Short Subject.