Author & Indian Politician Ram Madhav’s New Book ‘Because India Comes First’ Launched In Kolkata

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 ‘Kitaab’, An Initiative Of Prabha Khaitan Foundation In Association With ITC Sonar, Hosts An Insightful Discussion Of The Author With Sangeeta Datta To Mark The Launch Of The Book –

Kolkata, 20th February, 2021: ‘Because India Comes First’ a book focusing on the most concise analysis of current political affairs and key government decisions, written by author & former National General Secretary, Mr Ram Madhav was launched at ITC Sonar Kolkata today in the presence of Ms Sangeeta Dutta, writer, academic and director. Post the launch of the book, ‘Kitaab’ a literary initiative of Prabha Khaitan Foundation in association with ITC Sonar hosted an insightful discussion between Mr Ram Madhav with Ms Sangeeta Datta.

‘Because India Comes First’ delves into the decisions made by the BJP-led government over the last few years, diplomatic relationships with India’s neighbours and the confrontations with China. The author enquires into Indian policymaking and asserts that, going ahead, it must put India first. He calls out liberal fascism, deconstructs our understanding of terrorism in India, argues that opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act is intellectually dishonest, explores how learnings from Black Lives Matter can be applied in the Indian sphere and explains why protests should be rooted in Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violent approach and not anarchy. The essays in this volume weave a broad tapestry of India’s growth into a soft power and predicts how it will shape up over the next few decades. This book is a must read for those who believe in the new idea of India and for those who accept that there are two sides to every debate.

“Under the initiative ‘Kitaab’, Prabha Khaitan Foundation has curated literary sessions across the country and even in different parts of the globe. We feel delighted to launch Author & Indian Politician, Mr Ram Madhav’s latest book ‘Because India Comes First’ in Kolkata. In this book he has penned his observations in Indian politics. Drawing from his years of involvement on political grounds, his essays in this book discuss a range of issues that are at the heart of contemporary debates in India”, said Ms Manisha Jain, Communications & Branding Chief, Prabha Khaitan Foundation.

Kitaab provides a platform to authors to display and showcase their newest literary works before a discerning audience and the media through tastefully curated book launches. They have hosted some of the greatest stalwarts from the world of words, even as they are focused on creating a platform for aspiring talent. Kitaab provides a platform for authors to display and showcase their literary works. Through Kitaab, Prabha Khaitan Foundation has launched books by renowned writers like Dr Shashi Tharoor, Vir Sanghvi, Pavan Verma, Salman Khurshid, Sunita Kohli & Anupam Kher to name a few.

About the author:

Ram Madhav is an Indian politician, author and thinker who has served as the National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Formerly, he has been a member of the National Executive of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS). He also serves as a Member of the Governing Board of India Foundation, a New Delhi based premier think tank which seeks to articulate Indian Nationalistic perspective on issues of National and International importance. He has written several books in English and Telugu, with the most recent one being ‘Because India Comes First: Reflections on Nationalism, Identity and Culture’. He has written for several publications, including, The Indian Express and Open Magazine. He has also been the editor of Bharatiya Pragna, a monthly magazine in English published by Pragna Bharati, and associate editor of Jagriti, a Telugu weekly.

He has traveled to over 30 countries and has addressed prestigious forums like the ShangriLa Dialogue in Singapore, World Peace Conference at the Mahachula- longkorn Rajavidyalaya (University) of Thailand, Halifax Security Forum in Canada, 2nd Sochi Eurasian Integration Forum in Russia, and the BRICS Political Forum in China amongst many others.

About Prabha Khaitan Foundation:

Prabha Khaitan Foundation is dedicated to the socio-cultural welfare and humanitarian cause. It is a non-profit trust founded by Late Dr. Prabha Khaitan. Based in Kolkata, the Foundation promotes performing arts, culture and literature, and collaborates with caregivers, committed individuals and like-minded institutions to implement cultural, educational, literary and social welfare projects in India. The Foundation supports the UNESCO view that cultural development has the potential to be an alternative way of promoting sustainable development in poor rural communities, especially in the third-world countries. Based in Kolkata, for them culture stands for language, music, literature, visual arts, dance, drama, oral traditions, and traditional practices. The objective of the foundation is to create an enabling structure and promote networking so that communities engage with each other to work towards building positive self-esteem, inspire creativity and pro- mote culture and knowledge