Suranjan Dey’s film ‘Relationship’ to be captured on camera

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So far, Suranjan Dey has made short films out of passion. But now he has the opportunity to make a full-length feature film. His third short film ‘Unlucky Shirt’ has so far been screened and acclaimed at six international film festivals at in India and abroad. Not only that, for the international success of his film ‘Unlucky Shirt’, Andhra Pradesh’s Film and Television Promotion Council (FTPC) recently awarded him a certificate of appreciation. And based on this success, the South Indian production company ‘Research Media Entertainments’ is dedicating to produce the film ‘Relationship’.

Chaitanya Junga and PVS Verma Pakalpati, the two producers of Suranjan’s film, said that, the story and screenplay of ‘Relationship’ touched their hearts, so they were excited to produce the film. However, the director and producers are considering sending the film to various international film festivals, before it hits theaters or the OTT platform.

Also, director Suranjan Dey said that, he is always interested in making films on different unique subjects.So in a very natural way, this film also give some new message to the society and will touch the minds of the viewers, he hoped.

Regarding the story of the film, director Suranjan Dey said that, most of the people live in their minds. And the most important role in this mindfulness of life is ‘relationship’. The stronger the bond, the more successful the human life. Because human being can’t live well alone.But as time goes on, we are probably evolving into one isolated island. The distance between close relatives and even members of the same family is increasing for various reasons. And how this separation and spacing between family members will affect and influence some of the characters is one of the main themes of ‘Relationship’.

Director Suranjan Dey himself wrote the story, screenplay and dialogue of this film ‘Relationship’.

One of the hard and complex truths in the story of this film the central characters will face. And what will happen in the end will touch everyone’s heart and teach sensitive people to think differently, said the director. At the same time, it has been reported that, a different kind of information in medical science will be revealed through the film ‘Relationship’.

It has been reported that artists who have experience in acting in small and big films will act in the film ‘Relationship’. Oshni Das, Riddhiban Bandyopadhyay, Bonoshree Dey, Dr. Bhanu Bhushan Khatua and director Suranjan Dey himself are going to give shape to various important characters. New faces like Srija Maiti, Biswajit Pal, Manimoy Sahu, Rosie Piali Das will act in this film. And those who will play supporting roles are on the list Dr. Mousam Manna, Sukumar Barik, Rajat Patra, Swarupa Das,
Suparna Ojha, Deboleena Khatua, Soumyadeb Khatua, Dr. Susanta Banerjee.

In this context, director Suranjan Dey said, the artist list is not complete yet. Some artists from South India and Mumbai can also act in this film.

Akashdev will be in charge of camera. Famous Santoor artist Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya is music director of the film. Madhuparna Ganguly will sing the song. The Muhurat of the film will be held on 22nd December at EIMPA House and the shooting of the film will be officially announced.

In the last week of this month, there will be a few days of shooting in the suburbs of Kolkata. Director Suranjan Dey also said that, there are plans to shoot in South India, Mumbai and Goa as per the demand of the producers.