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Tazim Sheikh is a pianist/composer born and brought up in Kolkata, he started his musical journey as a pianist at the age of six from Jayanta Adak and continued learning till his high school. Due to Indian conventional path of career choice he pursued a degree in French and finished his Bachelor’s degree from EFLU, Hyderabad. After this point he have had enough with the conventionalism and wanted to pursue his passion and make a career in music. Thus, he joined the prestigious “AR Rahman’s foundation : KM music conservatory”, Chennai to do his Grads in music. He learnt western classical piano performance from Dr. Adam Greg. During his stay in this college he received many merit based scholarship to fund his music education. After finishing his course in Western Classical Piano performance and Hindustani Classical Diploma, he came back to his hometown and went forward to explore Jazz with Pradyumna Singh Manot aka. Paddy , one of the most prominent and elite jazz musician of India.

His music career kickstarted from a “Tangy sessions : Hyderabad” during his Graduation years which inspired him to pursue what he loves. Following that, being a performance oriented composer, his journey involved leading bands and creating instrumental music out of a collaborative experience . He went forward holding positions in reality shows like Ekam Satt World league and winning Competitions and securing first place in Brillante international piano festival. He has worked with prominent figures from the industry like Dr. AR Rahman for “The creative Indians” ,performed with Maestro Taufiq Qureshi and Grammy winning Dr. Prakash Sontekke on multiple occasions.

Tazim’s music has various influences like Jazz, Hindustani Classical, Western Classical, Rock and Folk music. Simply put ,Tazim has a knack of composing and performing Progressive music in a constant search for new sounds and fresh ways to think of fusion music. As he takes inspiration from multi genres , here’s some of the artists he is inspired from : Miles Davies , Ahmad Jamal , Debussy , Ravel , Pandit Jasraj , Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and Bands like Shakti , and Tigran Hamasayan Trio to name a few.

Tazim has a vision of playing progressive jazz music within an Indian classical and folk context and present instrumental performace in front of India’s audience . Instrumental music has no boundary of language and thus no boundaries of region , relegion and countries. Through the release of his debut Album “DWAM”, he wants to give the audience of India an opportunity to listen to a fresh perspective of progressive music in an Indian context and at the same time ,showcase the whole world Indian music in a more familiar sense to them through the fusion of rock and Jazz music.