Team Abar Bibaho Obhijaan collaborates with Bengal Street Hip Hop artists to bring a new dimension to their first song release,”Shob e Maya” blending dynamic dance moves with innovative film promotion

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SVF hosted an innovative & exciting collaboration with Kolkata’s exceptional street style hip hop artists for the first song showcase of their upcoming film, Abar Bibaho Obhijaan, titled “Shob e Maya”. The event, which took place at New Town Graphiti Street, brought together the entire cast and crew of the film, who joined in the lively dance performances alongside the talented dancers. Attended by both media representatives and fans, the event was a memorable celebration of the fusion between film promotion and dynamic street dance.

“Shob e Maya” is a much-awaited release for fans, as it features music by the blockbuster composer Jeet Gannguli. The song, written by Prosen and sung by Aditya Dev, captures the essence of the famous trio couples enjoying the stunning backdrop of Thailand. The collaboration with Bengal Street Hip Hop artists added an exciting element to the release, showcasing the fusion between two distinct art forms against the backdrop of the city’s iconic streets. The event not only promoted local talent but also provided a platform for artists and the public to interact, showcasing Kolkata’s vibrant and diverse cultural scene.

The song showcases an ensemble cast, featuring Ankush Hazra, Nusraat Faria, Anirban Bhattacharya, Rudranil Ghosh, Sohini Sarkar, and Priyanka Sarkar. The couples are seen engaging in playful dance sequences and romantic moments against the backdrop of Bangkok’s bustling heartlands, the picturesque valleys of Hua Hin, and the plush beaches of Pattaya.

Anirban Bhattacharya and Priyanka Sarkar, one of the lead pairs of Abar Bibaho Obhijaan, expressed their excitement on the song launch event. “This is a great initiative to have such passionate and talented dancers launch our song. Their unique style and energy have undoubtedly brought a fresh and exciting perspective to this event,” they remarked.

The Bengal Street hip hop dancers were equally thrilled about the collaboration and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to showcase their style to a wider audience. They hoped to inspire more people to embrace street style dance and make it a part of their lives.

The song is now available on all major streaming platforms, and the music video can be viewed on YouTube. Overall, this collaboration between the Hip hop dancers and the “Abar Bibaho Obhijaan” team showcased the power of artistic collaboration and celebrated Kolkata’s diverse cultural scene.

The biggest comic caper of the year, Abar Bibaho Obhijaan, tells the story of three couples who are yearning to escape their adoring spouses for a few days. The men make up a narrative and flee the city, and what happens next is a humorous journey of tension and thrill in Thailand! The film promises to be a fun and delightful experience for viewers. Anupam, Rajat, and Gansha come back with a bang after a four-year absence, and this time to provide even more amusing mishaps.

The film is all set to have a theatrical release on 25th May.

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