Medical Miracle & Advanced Technology at Peerless Hospital

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27th July 2022, Kolkata: Peerless Hospital is proud to present Eastern India’s First Mandible Replacement and Reconstruction Surgery. Also added to similar such rare cases done at Peerless Hospital, the Department of ENT Head & Neck Surgery performs surgeries with advanced technology of cochlear implants which has commendable outcome to transform the lives of hearing challenged.

Dr. Shouvanik Satpathy, Senior Consultant ENT Head and Neck Surgeon said,” Peerless Hospital conducted East India’s First Mandible Replacement and Reconstruction Surgery on a senior citizen who was highly diabetic and suffered from Osteomyelitis of lower jaw, which was completely rotten. Normally, with most of the patients a part of the jaw is reconstructed but in this case the complete lower jaw needed a replacement. The complete medical team comprising of multiple specialities planned a road map for the surgery and acquired a completely customized titanium lower jaw frame. In the 12 hour surgery performed in the modular OT complex of Peerless Hospital, the patient went through free flap (bone from leg). Post operative period was also a challenge to not just help the patient fight infection as he was diabetic but to also rehabilitate him for speech and feeding. In addition to the team approach of the consultants, the administration ironed out many administrative hassles for this patient from Hooghly Metcoke of Tata Steel , and was able to deliver the case in a price much lower than what was estimated.”

Peerless Hospital is proud to present the Surgical Team of Dr. Shouvanik Satpathy, Senior Consultant ENT and Head Neck Surgeon, Dr. Deepanjan Dey, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Debadeep Chakraborty, Senior Consultant Dental & Maxillofacial Surgeon and the Medical Team of Dr. Chandramouli Bhattacharyya, Dr. Anupam Maity, Dr. Amitabh Sur, Dr. A.K. Sarkar along with the team of Anesthetist; Dr. Tarit Chatterjee and team and Scrub nurse: Sister Mercy and Sonia.

While addressing the Media Dr. Sujit Kar Purkayastha, Managing Director, Peerless Hospital said, “Peerless Hospital has been extremely sensitive to requirements of patients in weak socio economic categories especially in procedures like Cochlear Implants. Someone who do not hear, cannot talk. Someone who could hear and talk, if loses his hearing ability, then his world comes to a standstill. This is completely reversible through the latest medical wonder of Cochlear Implants, in which a person who has drifted to a silent world can be brought back to the world of sound.”

Peerless Hospital is proud to present Dr. Manojendra Narayan Bhattacharyya, Sr. Consultant ENT Head & Neck Surgeon and Cochlear Implant Expert & Faculty who leads the initiative of Cochlear Implants. His skills have enabled him to get invitations from across international borders to conduct workshops on Cochlear Implants.

“Cochlear implant is an artificial complex electronic device made of titanium, which is surgically placed in the inner sensory organ called cochlear”. It converts the sound into electrical impulses and stimulates the nerve of hearing and the brain, hence providing sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing resulting in making that individual to HEAR and learn to TALK. Peerless was the FIRST HOSPITAL to undergo COCHLEAR IMPLANT in EASTERN INDIA. Since 2013 the treatment is available at Peerless Hospital on regular basis. Through the screening process, hearing loss can be identified at any age group (it can be done even in NEWBORNS). This test is painless, takes few minutes and cheap. If an individual is diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss, COCHLEAR IMLANT is planned accordingly. Cochlear Implantation does not end with the surgery alone, but the journey of hearing starts with it.“The transformation from meaningless sounds or noise to meaningful words are done by very experienced audiologist in Peerless Hospital who is a name of repute for post operative rehabilitation of these patients” said Dr. Manojendra Narayan Bhattacharyya.

About Peerless Hospital: Peerless Hospital is a 400 bed premier multispecialty corporate Hospital of East India which has been built around the core principles of empathy, transparency, medical ethics and affordability and is located at Panchasayar, the southern fringe of Kolkata where patients heal in a lush green and spacious environment. The Hospital’s focus area has been on clinical excellence and clinical research which is why Peerless Hospital has to its credit umpteen number of rare and complicated cases handled, many of which were recognized as firsts of the eastern region and featured in peer reviewed journals.